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Cheap, good, hackable tools from China: AVR component tester


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Cheap tools from China are even better with open source firmware upgrade

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Cheap, good, hackable tools from China: AVR component tester

  1. 1. Cheap, good, hackable tools from China: AVR component tester Dobrica Pavlinušić HrOpen, HULK 2015-05-19 #dorscluc
  2. 2. My first junk box... All youtube videos have handy junk box which I don’t have! How can I get one? junk ⇒ desoldering iron, flux pen, solder wick ⇒ junk box ⇒ component tester ⇒ parts bin junk ⇒ parts without web search!
  3. 3. My Junk box - somewhat sorted
  4. 4. Parts bin with eBay and Banggood stuff
  5. 5. ● What is that transistor-like component from my junk box? ○ NPN? PNP? N or P channel MOSFET? ● Markus Frejek wanted to do it with AVR ● Karl-Heinz Kübbeler and others extended it Motivation
  6. 6. Learning opportunity
  7. 7. Transistor tester ebay search Which one to buy?! $15-30
  8. 8. Partial features list ● ATmega8, 168, 328, 644, 1284, 1280 or 2560 ● 2*16, 4*16 LCD or 128*64 pixels ST7565, ST7920, ST7108, KS0108 or a SSD1306 ● Automatic detection of NPN and PNP bipolar transistors, N- and P-Channel MOSFETs, JFETs, diodes, double diodes,N- and P-IGBTs, Thyristors and Triacs. ● resistor and capacitors measurements ● 36 features in current version!
  9. 9. But, isn’t this DIY project? It can be DIY. But you can also buy kits if you don’t want to make own pcb or source parts!
  10. 10. AVR component tester
  11. 11. how to drive this solenoid from printer found on junk?
  12. 12. What is this sensor from old printer? Some kind of end-stop with LED?
  13. 13. Hardware ATmeta328p but not Arduino :-)
  14. 14. mega328_fish8840 ISP pinout unused pins
  15. 15. minimal modifications of mega328_fish8840 Makefile: CFLAGS += -DLCD_ST7565_V_FLIP=1 CFLAGS += -DVOLUME_VALUE=50 CFLAGS += -DFONT_8X8
  16. 16. solder to TP1,2,3 on ZIF and hot glue for the win!
  17. 17. Meeds small patch for stand-by power consumption
  18. 18. Wjat about two un-used pins? Check pins continuity using unimer
  19. 19. ATmega 328p pinout
  20. 20. Fail-of-the-weel: rotary encoder modification... ...i will keep trying ;-)
  21. 21. And software? Something Linux related?
  22. 22. $ vi Makefile && make flash avrdude USBasp/avrispmkII ArduinoISP on Arduino Uno would work as well
  23. 23. Hints for all versions ● Connect all three inputs together and power on to start self-test (confirm in 1 second) ○ this will display software version in the end ● Hold test button for 3 seconds on power-on to enter menu with additional options ○ transistor TP1:3 ○ frequency PD4/LCD-RS pin, needs 270Ω hardware mod or circuit from documentation ○ f-Generator 1Hz-2MHz ; TP1 GND ; TP2 signal 5V / 680Ω ; TP3 680Ω GND ○ 10-bit PWM TP2 ○ C+ESR@TP1:3 ○ rotary encoder, Selftest, Switch off
  24. 24. Hack your tools! it’s nice to have source code of code which runs on your tools AVR component tester is not only example of hackable cheap tools from China!
  25. 25. IMAX B6 battery charger
  26. 26. AVR IMAX B6 clone $30-40
  27. 27. Nuvoton NuMicro M0517LBN CPU - ARM SWD https: //
  28. 28. Questions? #dorscluc @dpavlin Or practical hands-on with component tester for those interested….