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Community Marketing

  5. Who do we have most in common with? Source: Yes Agency, Community Research 4 times more people feel a sense of mutuality with their friends than with people in their neighbourhood
  6. Who do we trust? Although one of the core facets of a community is trust, very few people trust their neighbours Source: Yes Agency, Community Research
  7. How does traditional marketing work? Target by demographics Target people by their geography Speak to people as individuals
  8. Today’s agencies fail to help marketers engage with customers, who, as a result, are becoming less brand-loyal and more trusting of each other Mary Beth Kemp and Peter Kim The Connected Agency
  9. What is the opportunity? Speak to people as individuals Target by geography/demographics Harness the power of communities COMMUNITY MARKETING
  10. Marketers will move to the Connected Agency – one that shifts: from making messages to nurturing consumer connections; from delivering push to creating pull interactions; and from orchestrating campaigns to facilitating conversations Mary Beth Kemp and Peter Kim The Connected Agency, 2008
  11. What are its core principles? Identification Introduction Involvement Intimacy Integration Immersion
  12. What is the process? Identify relevant groups Identify key influencers Collate / validate data IDENTIFICATION
  13. What is the process? Understand the group’s needs Immerse ourselves in their issues Interact with them via their channels IMMERSION
  14. What is the process? Introduce brands to groups Explain how the product/brand meets their needs Encourage leaders to spread the word INTRODUCTION
  15. What is the process? Engage community in research Involve leaders in creative process Advise them when comms will be launched INVOLVEMENT
  16. What is the process? Develop a personal relationship Invite people to share in the creative process Offer brand-related benefits INTIMACY
  17. What is the process? Integrate findings into marketing plan Seek group advice on media Use advocacy to maximise ROI INTEGRATION