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NoTube: past, present and future


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NoTube it's over, after three years of experiments. This short presentation, given at @sourcesense last Wednesday, is about his past, present and (hopefully) future.

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NoTube: past, present and future

  1. 1. NoTubepast, present and future@sourcesense last wednesday @dpalmisanoWednesday, 28 March 12
  2. 2. the past 1. legacy of Asemantics 2. bridging the Social Web with TV 3. user profiling component 4. 2008 inceptionWednesday, 28 March 12
  3. 3. the present 1. user data grabbed from the Social Web 2. NPL and record-linkage technologies 2. interests and topics as Linked Data identifiersWednesday, 28 March 12
  4. 4. the future 1. user profiling as a service 2. user profiling as a“commodity” 3. some improvements needed 3.1 big data enabled 3.2 brand and dissemination 3.3 code consolidation 3.4 CMS pluginsWednesday, 28 March 12