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Boolean Search.. A Basic Level for internal KT/Reference material

Just for reference/ Understanding /KT. Taken from various sources. Thanks to all who contributors directly/ indirectly helped me

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Boolean Search.. A Basic Level for internal KT/Reference material

  1. 1. SOURCING STRATEGY -RECRUITMENT A SESSION ON BOOLEAN SEARCH Durga Palakurthy Lateral Hiring Team Avance Consulting
  2. 2. SOURCING & METHODS Sourcing is a process of finding resumes with in the recruitment process. Sourcing is focussed on identification, assessment and engagement of skilled worker/candidates through proactive recruiting techniques Methods: Boolean Search on Google Job Board Sourcing Social Sourcing DURGA PALAKURTHY 2
  3. 3. BOOLEAN SEARCH George Boole – Born on 2 November 1815 in England was known for his Boolean Algebra ,A system of Symbolic algebra Most searchable computer databases/search engines support Boolean searching When performing a Boolean search, you must first choose keywords that best describe your topic. Then you must connect the keywords using operators. Please note, every search engine has it's own uniqueness and it would return different search results Now, let us see how Boolean Logic helps in our searches. DURGA PALAKURTHY 3
  4. 4. BOOLEAN OPERATORS Basic Search Operators: AND, OR and NOT Boolean Search Modifiers ASTERISK* PARENTHESES() QUOTATION MARKS “” DURGA PALAKURTHY 4 Google Field Commands: Inurl: Site: Intitle:
  5. 5. BOOLEAN OPERATORS IN DETAIL AND - The AND operator provides results with the terms you input. For example, searching "Java" and "Architect" will return pages with both terms - Architect and Java   OR - The OR operator gives results with either of the terms you requested. For example, "Business Development Manager" OR "Account Manager"  NOT - The NOT operator will not deliver show words in your search results. For example, Hunter NOT Farmer will deliver closer results for Hunter not farmer.  ( ) Parentheses - The ( ) operator allows you to group terms and build longer search strings. For example, Business Development Manager (Banking AND Finance) will deliver search results who are Business Development Manager in the Banking and Financial domain / who works for Banking / Finance organization.  * - The * operator is a wild card. Adding a wild card will find words contain the wild card. For example admin* will help so you do not have to run separate searches for words similar like: Admin, Administration, Administrator  DURGA PALAKURTHY 5
  6. 6. BOOLEAN STRINGS BY KEYWORD -EXAMPLES (app or apps or application) (“BA” or “business analyst” or “business analysis”) (“BI” or “business intelligence”) (“business analyst” or “business analysis”  or ba or ccba or cbap or “business systems analyst”) (LAMP or (linux and apache and mysql and (perl or php or python) (mobile or android or iphone or ios or blackberry) (network or system or os or nos or “operating systems”) (network or networking or system or systems or “operating systems” or “information systems”) (“oo” or “object oriented” or object-oriented or “OOP”) (“project manager” or “project management” or PMP) (“ui” or user-interface or “user interface”) (“ux” or user-experience or “user experience”) (Storage or SAN or NAS )  DURGA PALAKURTHY 6
  7. 7. BOOLEAN STRINGS BY JOB TITLE .Net Developer .Net and (VS or “Visual Studio”) and (VB or “Visual Basic” or and (ASP or and (C# or ) and “SQL Server” Android Developer Android and SDK and Java  Automation Tester (“qa” or “quality assurance” or “quality analyst” or “automation tester”) and (“cast” or “cste” or “cmst” or certified or certification) Business Intelligence Analyst (“Business Intelligence” or “BI”) and SQL and (SSIS or SSRS or SSAS or “integration services” or “reporting services” or “Analysis Services”) and (“Business Analysis” or “Business Analyst” or “System Analysis” or “System Analyst” or “Business System Analyst”) Database Administrator (“database administration” or “database administrator” or “DB Admin” or DBA) and “database design” and (SQL or “SQL Server”) and (SSIS or SSMS or SSRS or SSAS or “Analysis Services” or “Reporting Services”) DURGA PALAKURTHY 7
  8. 8. BOOLEAN STRINGS BY JOB TITLE Help Desk Support (helpdesk or support or technician or “help desk” or “service desk”) and (OSX or JDE or iSeries or virtual or virtualization or vmware) and (“AD” or “Active Directory”) and DHCP and DNS and (network or networking) and (switches or switching or routers or routing) and (firewalls or security) Information Security Manager “Information Security” and (“Project Manager” or “Project Management” or Leadership or Manager or PMP) and (forensic* or Security+ or CISSP or “security Standards” or “Certified Information Systems Security Professional” )  Linux Systems Administrator (Unix or Linux) and (RedHat or “Red Hat” or Centos or Debian) and (SMTP or DHCP or DNS or LDAP or NFS or SMTP or HTTP or SNMP) and (“Systems Administrator” or “System Administrator” or “Systems Administration” or “System Administration”) DURGA PALAKURTHY 8
  9. 9. BOOLEAN STRINGS BY JOB TITLE PHP Developer PHP and SQL and (PostgreSQL or “Pervasive SQL” or Intranet or Linux or Apache or Javascript or HTML or CSS) Python Developer (programmer or developer or engineer) and python and (mysql or “my sql” or “my-sql”or postgresql) and (django or flask ) Senior PHP Developer (programmer or developer or engineer) and “php” and “sql” and lamp and linux and apache and “javascript” and (jquery or memcache or “apc cache” or nosql or “no sql” or “no-sql” or analytical or analysis) SharePoint Developer (“SharePoint Designer” or “SharePoint Developer”) and (html or css or xsl or xslt or javascript or jquery or ajax) and .net and ( or C# or and (Silverlight or “SQL Server” or SSRS or SSAS or “reporting services” or “analysis services”) DURGA PALAKURTHY 9
  10. 10. BOOLEAN STRINGS BY JOB TITLE Sr. Data Warehouse Architect & Developer (architect or develop* or program* or engineer) and “sql server” and “data warehousing” and perl and (microstrategy or profiler or “data hygiene” or “etl” or computations or aggregations or analy* or quer* or index or design or deploy or test) Sr. Linux Administrator (“dba” or “database administrator” or “linux administrator”) and linux and apache and (redhat or fedora or centos) and vmware and (tomcat or mysql) Web Designer html and javascript and css and (photoshop or illustrator or adobe) and (flash or actionscript or macromedia) and (“Java Server Pages” or JSP or Java or “Active Server Pages” or ASP or “Google Web Toolkit” or XML or Oracle or IIS) and SQL Web Developer (html or html5) and (css3 or css) and javascript and (“Web Developer” or “Web Design” or xml or jquery or ajax) DURGA PALAKURTHY 10
  11. 11. SOME IMPORTANT TIPS Sourcing requires judgement, creativity, analysis, common sense and pattern Recognition Understand Title , Skills and Concepts Analyse and Define relationship between words and concepts Intuit and infer experience by context (resume parsing) Many best people have average resumes Think and Perform research on JD No single search can find all qualified candidates. So find using successive search and mutually exclusive filtering DURGA PALAKURTHY 11
  12. 12. FOR BETTER RESULTS: Run multiple searches Start with maximum Qualifications (See MAX /MIN Slide) Use the NOT Operator to systematically filter End with minimum qualifications DURGA PALAKURTHY 12
  13. 13. MAX/ MIN Required : A, B, C Desired: D,E Implicitly: F A +B +C + D + E +F A+ B + C + D +E + ( NOT F) A+ B + C +D + NOT E + F A+ B + C + NOT D + E + F A + B +C + NOT D + NOT E + F A + B + C + D +NOT E + NOT F A + B + C + NOT D+ E + NOT F A+ B + C + NOT D + NOT E + NOT F DURGA PALAKURTHY 13 Search 1 Search 3
  14. 14. DURGA PALAKURTHY 14 Dr. Michio Kaku believes the job market of the future will be “dominated by jobs involving common sense (e.g. leadership, judgment, entertainment, art, analysis, creativity) and pattern recognition (e.g. vision and non- repetitive jobs) That’s good news for Sourcers and recruiters who perform sourcing!  Sourcing requires judgment, creativity, analysis, common sense and pattern recognition (instantly making sense of human capital data).Human Sourcers have dynamic ability to learn, understand and instantly relate new concepts and through direct experience and observation
  15. 15. DURGA PALAKURTHY 15 Sourcers of the future will be human capital data analysts who are experts in HCDIR & A – Human Capital Data Information Retrieval and Analysis HAPPY SOURCING