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David Pakman on The Future Of Media


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A brief look at the forces behind the disruption of traditional media

Published in: Technology

David Pakman on The Future Of Media

  1. 1. David Pakman @pakman
  2. 2. 1.4 billion PCs are connected to the internet
  3. 3. By 2011, 1 billion mobile devices will be connected to the internet
  4. 4. In 2012, smartphone sales will eclipse PC sales
  5. 5. Two-thirds of the global internet visit social networks
  6. 6. 7,000,000,000 pieces of content shared each week on FB
  7. 7. A Sharing Economy 500MM people sharing 30 billion objects a month 40 billion links clicked this year TM 160MM users, 90M tweets/day, 1 billion+/month
  8. 8. What’s happening?
  9. 9. Internet
“Pages” PCs Institutions Pages Low cost, aggregated content found via search engines
  10. 10. Internet Media: Next Generation “Streams” Mobile Individuals Updates Consumption is now real-time and mobile
  11. 11. We went from this...
  12. 12. To this...
  13. 13. To this...
  14. 14. To this.
  15. 15. But now we’re here.
  16. 16. We know attention is shifting away from traditional media...
  17. 17. And we know who is vulnerable from that...
  18. 18. But look who is also getting disrupted... And who is figuring it out... TM
  19. 19. The shift is inexorable • Our friends and connections are our editors • We consume in shorter chunks, more rapidly, in real-time • More and more of us share and contribute • Experts emerge • Individuals are information brands
  20. 20. So, where are we betting?
  21. 21. The most effective form of advertising in the world is through friends.
  22. 22. Professionals need to share, too.
  23. 23. Largest authentic online community of women
  24. 24. Mobile location-aware search app and ad network
  25. 25. Advertising will be sold on exchanges in real-time, like stocks.
  26. 26. All websites will need to be multi-lingual.
  27. 27. Craigslist is in need of some renovation.
  28. 28. We need a better way to get rid of our used electronic gear.
  29. 29. David Pakman @pakman