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  1. 1. Storyboard Lesson Objective What is a storyboard? Have I created storyboard for my music video?
  2. 2. What is a storyboard? A storyboard is a step by step plan of how your music video will go
  3. 3. Why Do You Need AStoryboard When Making AMusic Video? Planning is key to making everything run smoothly. Have a look at these examples…
  4. 4. What level do you think these got and why? 1 2 3
  5. 5. Music videos Cutting on the beat Lyric interpretation Lip sync Use of actors Use of locations Use of mise-en-scene Editing Montage Variety of camera angles and shots Excellent planning
  6. 6. What Should You Include InA Music Video Storyboard? A sketch A narrative Shot type (camera angle and composition) Music Cutting to the beat (Bar chart) Duration (how long the shot will last)
  7. 7. Narration Sketch What is happening in the shot Effects (How is it going to be edited? e.g.fade to black/split screen) Camera Shot What shot/angle/composition? Music Cutting to the beatWhat line? What beat are you cutting on?
  8. 8. Camera Angles Camera angles and movements combine to create a sequence of images, just as words, word order and punctuation combine to make the meaning of a sentence.
  9. 9. Camera Angles When describing camera angles, or creating them yourself, you have to think about three important factors— The FRAMING or the LENGTH of shot— The ANGLE of the shot— If there is any MOVEMENT involved Each different shot has a different purpose and effect.
  10. 10. Shot Name Draw Purpose
  11. 11. Extreme Long Shot
  12. 12. Long Shot
  13. 13. Medium Long Shot
  14. 14. MCU
  15. 15. CU
  16. 16. ECU
  17. 17. Name the Angles
  18. 18. Draw the following shots
  19. 19. Task 7PCreate a storyboard for your music video