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Intro to exam yr 12


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Intro to exam yr 12

  1. 1. What are the Macro elements in Media Studies?
  2. 2. FilmHorror Film trailerFilm magazine front coverFilm poster
  3. 3. Year 13 Exam You will have two sections Section A Section BTheoretical Evaluation Contemporary Mediaof Production Issues: Postmodernism50marks 50marksMs Paul Mr Raymond
  4. 4. Exam folder Ring binder 10 dividers Lined paper Every lesson counts! Keep organised = easy revision 
  5. 5. Section A Section BTheoretical Evaluation Contemporary Mediaof Production Issues - Postmodernism2 questionsQuestion 1a Answer 1 question25 marks (you have a choice of 2)Question 1b25 marks=50 marks 50marksMs Paul Mr Raymond
  6. 6. Question 1 Synoptic question: reflection on all your practical work from AS – A2  Digital Technology  Creativity  Research and planning  Post-production  Using conventions from real media texts
  7. 7. Question 1bReflection on any production work in regards to the following;  Genre theory  Narrative theory  Representation theory  Audience theory  Media language ○ Technical codes ○ Language codes
  8. 8. Define it Genre Representation Narrative Audience Institution Media Language
  9. 9. 12 June 2012 th Research tasks until 12th June 2012 After 12th June 2012 you will produce your preliminary for horror trailer Research tasks will need to be completed before Pre-lim Incomplete research tasks = no filming
  10. 10. Genre What is genre?  Why is genre important?  Why is genre important to audiences?  Why is genre important to institutions?  What genre theorists can you find?  How does genre theory apply to horror film?