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National Association for the Blind, Goa Chapter


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presentation made for the NAB, Goa Chapter

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National Association for the Blind, Goa Chapter

  1. 1. Goa State Branch
  2. 2. NAB, Goa History• Goa State Branch estd on 10th Feb 1983• Objective: to cater to the needs of the Blind, so that they live in self respect and dignity• In Goa there are >2,000 visually impaired• 50% are cataract affected persons
  3. 3. NAB - Sphere of Activities• Locate & identify the visually handicapped• Provide ID Cards and medical certificates• Assist in School admissions• Provide educational support.• Facilitate self employment• Assist in Bank loans, subsidies, schemes etc.
  4. 4. What we do for the Blind!• Education (Integrated Education Programme)• Vocational Training• Multihandicapped Project• Sports• Theatre• Rehabilitation• Employment• Marriage• Computer Training
  5. 5. A depiction of Activitiesconducted by NAB, Goa
  6. 6. Education• Integrated Education Pattern (IEP)• Students attend regular schools• Provided with specialised training & support at home• Specialised teachers
  7. 7. Braille• Textbooks in Braille• Special Typewriter in Braille• Magnification Aids and textbooks with enlarged font sizes for low vision children
  8. 8. Braille
  9. 9. Aids for the blind
  10. 10. Aids for the blind
  11. 11. Aids for the blind
  12. 12. Aids for the blind
  13. 13. Aids for the blind
  14. 14. Aids for the blind
  15. 15. Aids for the blind
  16. 16. Partially Blind with Enlarged Books
  17. 17. Doing Homework
  18. 18. Mobility by White Cane
  19. 19. Learning Computers
  20. 20. Learning to Cook
  21. 21. Learning Currency Notes
  22. 22. Income Generation• Vocational training and assistance• Loans to visually impaired to be self reliant
  23. 23. Candle Making
  24. 24. Caning Chairs
  25. 25. Making plastic Wire Bags
  26. 26. Learning making Shawls
  27. 27. Making paper bags
  28. 28. Study Camps• 8-10 days camps at NAB Resource Centre• Coach students for school exams
  29. 29. Entrepreneurship• Own business of visually impaired• Financial assistance from banks & Govt self employment schemes like PMRY, SGSY etc. PCO & Photocopy Unit by a Blind!
  30. 30. Satisfaction• NAB brings a smile to the visually impaired• Gives them confidence through life skills & vocational training
  31. 31. Celebrations
  32. 32. Playing Chess
  33. 33. Having Fun with Music
  34. 34. The team at the NAB, Goa Branch
  35. 35. The Staff - doing a wonderful job
  36. 36. The Warden taking care of all
  37. 37. They don’t need yoursympathy…all they needis your encouragement!
  38. 38. How can you help?
  39. 39. Financial Assistance Corporates: • Become a corporate sponsor for our facilities Individuals: All donations to NAB • Consider following options: are exempt from Income – pension to an elderly blind Tax under Sec 80 (G) – adopt a blind elderly person at the Home of IT Act 1962 of the Aged Blind – Sponsor an eye operation with IOL – Set of talking books for a blind student – Set of linen for a child for one year – Sponsor a middle and secondary level student – Sponsor primary level student’s education – Sponsor a blind college going student – Sponsor of meals for students in the hostel
  40. 40. Become a VolunteerDedicated volunteers are the backbone ofNAB. As a volunteer you can:• Help raise awareness and funds• Give your voice for recording talking books• Read books directly to students• Become writers for students appearing in exams• Help children with their homework and tutorials• Participate in projects and programs like raised maps creation• Help in editing books for Braille printing on computers
  41. 41. Thank You Goa State Branch Regd. No. 12/GOA/83. (UnderSocieties Registration Act, 1860) Near Vrundavan Hospital, 2ndBairo, St. Cruz, Tiswadi – Goa – 403 005 India Tel: 0832-2448316