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Općina erdut


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Predstavlajmo Vam općinu Erdut

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Općina erdut

  1. 1. Welcome! Municipality of Erdut
  2. 2. Where are we? Slavonija Croatia Erdut Balkan Earth Europa
  3. 3. • Croatia is a country in Central Europe, Meediterranean and Balkan • Bordering with Slovenia, Hungarya, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Italia • Area: 87.661 km2 • Population: 4.284.889 • Capital city is Zagreb • Croatia became a full member of EU in 2013.
  4. 4. Croatia Osijek-Baranja County Municipality of Erdut
  5. 5. • Municipality of Erdut is located at the furthest east Croatia and Osijek-Baranja County • Area: 157,54 km2, Population: 7.308 • The Municipality consists of four places: DALJ, ALJMAŠ, BIJELO BRDO AND ERDUT
  6. 6.  Water resourses: 36 km of Danube river and 13 km of Drava river  Wine making region  Multicultural area  Arheological sites (Bijelo Brdo culture)  Famous people were born or have lived here (Milutin Milankovic, Jakov Ignjatovic, Jovan Isailovic)
  7. 7. In municipality, there’s: • Two elementary schools • One secondary school • Student cooperative Dalya
  9. 9. GREEN ROADS-Natural heritage • Municipality area, more than 70%, is protected as significant landscape Erdut ( 160 ha ) • Natura 2000 Networking Program • Unesco biosphere reserve Mura-Drava- Danube
  10. 10. Educational path of significant landscape Erdut • Financied by the project NATURA 2000-NIP • Path lenght: 2 km, 1 gazebo and 2 sightseeing • 226 scale • Specific area of wood slopes • Posibility of hiking, biking, education for school childeren
  11. 11. PATHS OF CULTURE AND KNOWLEDGE – CULTURAL HERITAGE • Cultural and scientific center Milutin Milanković • Dalj idol - 15-14 century bs • Medieval town Erdut • Castle Adamovič-Čeh • Bjelo Brdo culture VIII- XIII century
  12. 12. Milutin Milankovic was born in Dalj famous mathematician, astronomer, climatologist, geophysicist, civil engineer, doctor of tehnology, university profesor and popularizer of science
  13. 13. Heritage is everything that our ancestors left for safekeeping, and that which they had before us. Heritage is also everything in us awakens belief and pride that before someone lived in this region. It is for us a mirror of who we are, what we are and what we will be.
  14. 14. Arheological sites • Dalj has 15 prehistoric site • Dalj idol is very important historical monument which are ilustrate the culture of the Bronze Age in our region • „Daljski idol” is figure of a women dressed in decorated dress • Bijelo Brdo culture - early Middle Ages and was named for the village Bijelo Brdo • From here it spread in other countries: Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia • jewelry, pottery, coins
  15. 15. SPIRITUAL PATHS-CHURCHES • Church „Gospa od Utočišta” in Aljmaš • Church „sv. Dimitrija” in Dalj • Temple „Uspenija Presvete Bogorodice” in Dalj • Patriarch’s palace in Dalj • Church „sv. Josipa” in Dalj • Church „sv.Nikole” in Bijelo Brdo • Church „sv. Stjepana Kralja” in Dalj • Church „Svisvetih” in Erdut • Church „sv. Arhangela Gavrila” in Erdut
  17. 17. • On the wine road is 12 small wineries and Erdut winery with the largest barrel in use it the world, its capacitiy is 75000 l
  18. 18. • Vines in this region brought the Roman Emperor Probus • Winery: Iuris, Janečić, Brzica, Siber, Jakovac, Antunović, Tunjić, Rogić, Erdutski vinogradi • Wine: Riesling, Chardonay, Traminac, Kadarka, Zweigelt
  19. 19. • The project Wine Tour was reconstructed and equipped wine museum- Teutoburgium in Dalj in authentic wine cellar in which the offer of wine makers in one place
  20. 20. FOLK CUSTOMS • National costume is tradicional Slavonian costume • Tradicional dances are on the theme of life in rural communities and population (Slavonia, Vojvodina, Serbia, Hungary) • Tradicional music and instruments are harmonica and tamburica • Tradicional men costume is white trousers, black vest with red trim, hat and tradicional footwear • Tradicional women costume is white shirts and linen skirts, aprons, scarf and florin Menandwomentradicionalcostume
  21. 21. FOLK GROUPS: • KUD Aljmaš • KUD „Branko Herceg”Erdut • Mađarsko kulturno umjetničko društvo „Petefi Šandor” Dalj planina • SKUD „Branko Radičević” Dalj • HKUD „Stjepan Penić” Dalj • SKUD „Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” Bijelo Brdo
  23. 23. • FLOWERS FAIR in May in Dalj, manifestation presents flowers, wine and gastronomy of this region • CHERRY FESTIVAL in June shows the old tradicional custom of planting cherries, • ALJMAŠ FISHERMEN’S NIGHT in June Aljmaš is famous as a fishing vilage, fish specialties
  24. 24. • TID INTERNATIONAL REGATTA In July, largest and longest canu regatta in the world, from the source to mouth of the Danube river • REGATTA OF PEACE BATINA-ALJMAŠ-DALJ- ERDUT In July, the goal of the event is to promote the beauty of the Danube River and attract more guests
  25. 25. • „VELIKA GOSPA” Aljmaš is famous shrine, each year on 15. August more then 70.000 people visit Aljmaš • „PUDARINA” Manifestation in Bijelo Brdo, old custom of keeping the vineyards • „SMOTRA SVATOVSKIH ZAPREGA” Manifestation of folk custom, costumes and horses
  26. 26. • WINE & BIKE TOUR The goal of manifestation is promotion of wine and wine making, as well as natural heritage of our region • FAIR OF OLD CRAFTS, CUSTOMS AND TRADICIONAL CAKE Fair cherish old crafts and customs, tradicional cake of our grandmothers • „FIŠIJADA” In all villages in the Municipality organized competitions in cooking a fish, winner of municipality competition goes to the state competition
  28. 28. GASTRONOMY • Tradicional Slavonian kitchen • Fish • Tradicional products sausage, ham, tradicional cake • „mila majko ne seci nam tanko, već debelo da se najedemo”
  29. 29. Presentation made: Entrepreneurship Center of Erdut Municipality Contacts: dut Thanks for your attention!