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Individual portfolio

  1. 1. April 29, 2012New Media Studies &Mass Communication
  2. 2.  Explanation of Stumble Upon Class presentation Slideshare presentation
  3. 3.  Stumble Upon helps you easily discover new and interesting things on the Web. Select your interests and Stumble Upon will introduce you to amazing web pages, videos, photos and more that you wouldn’t have found on your own. As you Stumble through great web pages, tell Stumble Upon whether you Like or Dislike their recommendations so they can show you more of what’s best for you. Stumble Upon will show you web pages based on your feedback as well as what similar Stumblers and people you follow have Liked or Disliked. Members of Stumble Upon have given great compliments in the past, including describing them as “the entire Internet, all in one place,” ”an epic journey” and “a map to an adventure you wouldn’t otherwise have found out about.” Whether you’re interested in Humor, Photography, Fashion or Sports, Stumble Upon has something for you. Every Stumble is an adventure, and something amazing is always just a click away.
  4. 4.  10 Best Places to Live to Escape World Conflict  Wine  Restaurants  Dogs
  5. 5.  it_my_uploads
  6. 6.  Opening account  Getting started-Once you have opened an account, select your personal interests an start Stumbling!!!!Personal interests:  Travel  Wine  Movies  Animals  Outdoors  Pets  Books
  7. 7.  New Look-Stumble Upon created a new look in 2011. The home page is appealing and user friendly. Stumble Upon is connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and has an official blog page. Stumble Upon introduces Stumblers to web pages and more depending on selected interests. Stumble Upon will make future recommendations upon past likes and dislikes of Stumblers.
  8. 8.  Stumblers first selections are chosen by Stumble Upon. These sites may not appeal to Stumblers. Time constraints-Stumble Upon is a great resource of information. However, to find specific web sites, Stumblers must search through pages indicated by Stumble Upon until a location is decided upon. Stumble Upon’s original home page was not appealing nor seasy to navigate.
  9. 9.  Stumble Upon has appeared in the news numerous times during the past 4 months. They have changed their look to a more appealing home page and included the same timeline as Facebook. Stumblers can read reviews, get consumer ratings, and download Stumble Upon to their iPhone. Members who have selected food as an interest, can navigate to special recipes. Stumblers participate in blogs, and can read the most current news stories.
  10. 10.  StumbleUpon has launched alaunches-facebook- new Facebook Timeline apptimeline-app-2012-04 that integrates your two accounts in new, exciting ways. As with similar apps,StumbleUpon the new app willLaunches automatically share what youFacebook like on StumbleUpon inTimeline App addition to sites you submit, and new Stumblers and Channels you follow.
  11. 11.!/id386244833?mt=8  Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, andApp Store - learn more aboutStumbleUpon! StumbleUpon! on the App Store. Download StumbleUpon! and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  12. 12.  The easiest way discover the best vegetarian recipes from top food sitesPunchfork | The and share them withbest new recipesfrom top food sites family and friends.
  13. 13.  Youve landed on the official page for stories about StumbleUpon and our members. Feel free to stay aStumbleUpon | while and read about productOfficial Blog | updates and tips discovering new and interesting things across the Web.
  14. 14.  Do you like to read currentToolbar-for-Internet- newspaper listings on theExplorer-to-Find-Current- web? Or maybe its findingNews-Articles%2C-Pictures-and-Videos pictures on the web from your particular categories that suits your cool? orHow to Use theStumbleUpon Toolbar maybe its finding videos? Nofor Internet Explorer to matter what your taste mayFind Current News be, News, Pictures or...Articles, Pictures and
  15. 15. http://www.makeuse  According to the online research site, GigaOM,pon-visually- StumbleUpon has surpassedappealing-makeover- Facebook as “the biggest trafficnews/ driver among social media websites in the US”.StumbleUpon StumbleUpon has always beenGets Visually one of the go-to sites for discovering new and interestingAppealing stuff on the Web, and recentlyMakeover the site has done a significant makeover that gives it a lot more visual appeal
  16. 16.  Stumble Upon is a great resource for resume writing, job opportunities, and career stories in the news. IU Northwest Career Services could display links to Stumble Upon on their web page for new, current, and alumni students to access for more information. IU Northwest Career Services could create an account with Stumble Upon offering connections for students with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  17. 17.  Stumble Upon is a great wealth of information. Because it offers connections to Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, it supplies millions of connections for Stumblers. If Blogging is your specialty, Stumble Upon has an official blogging page. Since Stumblers select their own interests, Stumble Upon chooses specific topics of information related to those interests. Stumblers can be more selective in their choices by liking and disliking sites picked by Stumble Upon. Stumblers may now use their phone to download Stumble Upon applications.
  18. 18.  Stumble Upon has added new features becoming more competitive with other social networks. Stumble Upon has reached an amazing 25 million users and is gaining one million each month. Stumble Upon is on its way to becoming a major mainstream recognition. They have added brand channels, creating a profile for marketers, including 250 organizations. Stumble Upon plans to launch an API to help power third-party products recommendation features. They want to create international versions of its own discovery engine (only 15% of Stumblers are currently based outside of North America). Stumble Upon is expected to add more social features.