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Mooc Online Support


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Quick overview description of the

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Mooc Online Support

  1. 1. MOOC Online Support Stephen Downes September 10, 2012
  2. 2. Traditional Course Traditional Course WebsiteMost online courses are based on websites (evenCoursera, Klan and Udemy)
  3. 3. Massive Open Online Course SiteA MOOC is a Web, not a Website
  4. 4. Underlying MOOC Support1. First student createsresource and sends info to Site 2. Second student seescourse resource info in newsletter and RSS feed 3. Second student accesses the resource directly 4. Second student finds link to third student’s resource
  5. 5. The Student’s Perspective SiteA range of different resources and services
  6. 6. Course Provider Perspective Subscribed Student students content Site Course content Live online Event recordings events
  7. 7. gRSShopper FunctionalityHarvester User management- atom, RSS, JSON - Login and authentication- blogs, discussions, pages - Newsletter subscription- Twitter, Facebook, etc - Social network information Feed Manager Distribution Site Manager - Email newsletter - Course pages - RSS / Atom / JSON feeds - Events, etc. - API to Twitter, Facebook, etc - Newsletter pages
  8. 8. Underlying Principles Autonomy Openness - Choice of contents - Open access - Personal learning - Open content - No curriculum - Open activities - Open assessmentDiversity- Multiple tools Interactivity- Individual perspective - Encourage communication- Varied content - Cooperative learning - Emergent knowledge