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Conquering the giant spider machine that is the world wide web


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In a month where Fairfax Media announced 1,900 redundancies and News Ltd announced restructures and right sizing James Tuckerman (founder of hosted a seminar on conquering the Web with a guest list of Giant Spider Killer entrepreneurs. Here are their 7 secret steps of web marketing I learned in a day

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Conquering the giant spider machine that is the world wide web

  1. 1. Conquer rnin Lea er the qu‘Con Semina Jun m g fro eb’ w r e 20 12 the web! Fr i 22 tova te ea @Cr
  2. 2. Remember the Commanders Intent! (Your Mission Statement) Your business needs a mission statement to guide you when you hit the marketplace and bullets fly in all directions! In the internet the commander’s intent in the top right box of your mind must always be: 0Make it Measureable (if it can’t be measured don’t do it, it’s that simple) 0Findable (otherwise your wasting your time) 0Shareable (maximise the value of word of mouth and social media) 0Manageable (use tools and systems to reduce the workload and focus on value creating activity vs. ‘rinse and repeat’ tasks that can be outsourced)Reference: James Tuckerman
  3. 3. What’s your Pitch?Break down your business value proposition intosimple, easy to understand language your 15 yearold nephew understands and your target market.0Who is your target market?0What we do...0Benefits (to target market)0Feelings0ProblemsWhen you verbalise your ‘elevator pitch’ it shouldcome across like:0You know market & problem0What we do is...benefits & feeling0In fact...evidence from past work or clientexperience (NB: In 30 seconds or less – jargonremoved)Then, Part 2: Set Measurable Goals e.g.01) Get qualified sales leads02) Sign up for my blog03) Click and download a shareable piece ofknowledge (Product for Prospects) e.g. YouTubevideo Reference: Anthony Gaddie
  4. 4. Who is Wang Xing? what he wants to tell us?He’s China’s Mark Zuckenberg and …0Xing says, “Too many entrepreneurs sellvitamins instead of selling headaches. “What is your customers’ pain point?It’s no good selling benefits when they arehealthy. Be there when they have a migrainewith your aspirin (value proposition).Give free relevant small doses of businessinformation in advance of a migraine.For example which of the following two offersis more effective?G.20% off Folate Web Ad or,H.Ten Things a Pregnant Mother should noteat with a tear off coupon on the bottom (for20% off Folate)Market to the headaches of your targetmarket and remember the 7 deadly sins orMaslow hierarchy of needs in understandingtheir migraine points. Reference: James Tuckerman (Anthill Online fonder)
  5. 5. Your Website is Your Home Planet – bring them home!What is your website purpose? If it’s notone of the four below you are wasting yourresources:2.Sales3.Pre-qualified leads4.Coupons5.Out-going clicks (advertising)Use Measurement tools to measure yourwebsite effectiveness, for example. Theyare widely available and many are FREE!Examples include:0Google analytics0Crazy Egg Reference: James Tuckerman (Anthill Online fonder)0Unbounce
  6. 6. Charm your customers (Barry White style i.e. slowly)The internet is a funnel nota tunnel on the internet.01000 visits =>0100 email registrations =>040 surveys =>010 salesReference: James Tuckerman (Anthill Online fonder)
  7. 7. Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.)Hire the celebrity chefs and not the lawyersof SEO. Pay for implementation.Understand how search engines work.0It’s the number of links and the quality oflinks on your website.0Understand how spiders & bots workand how they like the size of the site andease of navigation, plus SPEED & RECENCYcount.0Don’t forget Keywords. Update title tagson your page 0 Home page 0 Permanent pages 0 Posts0Use "about 60 characters", and lead withthe Noun for title .0Last but not least, create measurableshareable content i.e. retweetableheadlines that are interesting and sharable. Reference: James Tuckerman (Anthill Online fonder)
  8. 8. Facebook (Learning from Sam @Lorna Jane)0 It’s a virtuous cycle and it goes like this:Engage => Convert => Engage => Acquire => Engage…Some Facebook from Sam:0 Learn by doing (there are no experts out there, we are all learning social media)0 One thought per post (reduce redundancy & duplicated links, etc.)0 Aim for >1% engagement ratings (comments over likes over fans)0 People don’t read Facebook posts, they skim, make your post clear, simple and standout from the crowd0 Only 11-23% of your fans on Facebook will actually see your post0 Use authorised 3rd party apps for competitions or risk being banned from Facebook0 Use simple multi-choice options e.g. like A or B or like or dislike this prototype. Do not ask open ended questions0 Follow the leaders to learn e.g. George Takei Reference: Sam Zivot – Lorna Jane
  9. 9. Consumers care about…0 Bonus Guiding Principle: Consumers only care about themselves and content relevant to themself0 Marketing has changed...from... rent the the eyeballs e.g. twitter
  10. 10. Can we help you Creatovate?0 Create smart Strategy?0 Implement an Innovation Process for your ideas?0 Integrate or Internationalise your marketing?Contact Creatovate at:t. +61 400 040 195e.