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Evaas principal update (2)


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Evaas principal update (2)

  1. 1. EVAASUpdates and Reminders Heather Mullins, Region 7 Professional Development Consultant
  2. 2. Table Talk • Who has EVAAS access in your LEA/Charter? • How are you currently using EVAAS? • What benefits/difficulties have you experienced? • What have you learned?
  3. 3. Benefits and Considerations for Teachers• Understand academic Professional preparedness of students before they enter the classroom. Development is• Monitor student progress, the Key ensuring growth opportunities • Data Conversations / True PLCs for all students. • Culture of School• Modify curriculum, student support, and instructional • Sensitivity of Data strategies to address the needs • Finger Pointing and Blame Game of all students. • Window vs. Mirror
  4. 4. Benefits for Principals• Gain a consolidated view of student progress and teacher effectiveness, as well as the impact of instruction and performance.• Bring clarity to strategic planning and function as a catalyst for conversations that must take place to ensure that all students reach their potential.• Understand and leverage the strengths of effective teachers.• Use the valuable resource of effective teaching to benefit as many students as possible.
  5. 5. Changes in Reporting for 2012-13 2011-12 2012-13 Above Exceeds Expected Growth Not Detectably Meets Expected Different Growth Below Does Not Meet Expected Growth
  6. 6. Teacher Ratings CategoriesTeachers 2012-13 1 2 3 4 5Demonstrate Leadership Establish Environment Know Content Exceeds Expected Growth Facilitate Learning Reflect on Practice 6 Contribute to Academic Success 5 Rating Categories Meets Expected 3 Rating Categories Growth Not Demonstrated Does Not Meet Expected Growth Developing Meets Expected Growth Does Not Meet Proficient Exceeds Expected Growth Expected Growth Accomplished Distinguished
  7. 7. Table Talk • How do you explain the concept of Achievement vs. Growth to others in your district?
  8. 8. Student Achievement Proficient End of School Year
  9. 9. Student Growth Proficient Not Proficient Start of End of School Year School Year
  10. 10. Achievement vs. GrowthStudent Achievement: Where are we?• Highly correlated with demographic factorsStudent Growth: How far have we come?• Highly dependent on what happens as a result of schooling rather than on demographic factors
  11. 11. Achievement and Poverty How is this fair?
  12. 12. Academic Growth and Poverty No one is doomed to failure.
  13. 13. The School Value Added Report compares eachschool to the average school in the state.Comparisons are made for eachsubject tested in the given yearand indicate how a schoolinfluences student progressin those subjects.
  14. 14. Value-Added Reporting
  15. 15. Mean NCE Gain• If the Mean NCE Gain is greater than or equal to zero, the average student in this school has achieved a year’s worth of academic growth in a year• If the Mean NCE Gain is less than zero, the average student in this school has achieved less growth than expected
  16. 16. Value-Added Reporting The NCE Base is by definition set at 50.0, and it represents the average attainment level of students in the grade and subject, statewide.If the school mean is greater, the average student inthe school is performing at a higher achievementlevel than the average student in the state.
  17. 17. Data Activity: