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20140506 edrene athens_winer


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Europeana as source for educational Linked Data and its application
EDRENE 11th Conference, Athens, May 6th 2014

Published in: Education, Technology
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20140506 edrene athens_winer

  1. 1. Europeana as source for educational Linked Data and its applications Dov Winer MAKASH – Advancing ICT Applications in Education Judaica Europeana, European Association for Jewish Culture 11th EdReNe Conference Athens, May 6th 2014
  2. 2. • Europeana / DPLA: Sources of Curated Quality Content - part of the Linked Data cloud • Tools support the use of the content and create context - Hackatons vs Mature tools development • Two mature tools: Annotation (Pundit) and Storytelling (Movio) • Vocabularies as embedded knowledge: crystal seeds in the ocean of Linked Data Outline
  3. 3. Educational Applications of Linked Data • Assessing the Educational Linked Data Landscape M. d’Aquin, A. Adamou, S. Dietze - WebSci’13 May 1-5, Paris France Linked Up Project Linked Universities
  4. 4. Will be presented in full later today by Dr. Elena Shulman
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Europeana Content: 2014 Business Plan
  7. 7. Europeana/DPLA Collaboration
  8. 8. Linked Data: structured data on the Web David Woood, Marsha Zeidman Luke Ruth with Michael Hausenblas Manning Publications MEAP 2013 Over 31.7 billion RDF triples
  9. 9. The essence of RDF: the “triple” Source: “The thirty minute guide to RDF and Linked Data”, by Ian Davis and Tom Heath
  10. 10. Pundit: a toolkit for semantic annotation of Web pages LINK to Vimeo clip:
  11. 11.
  12. 12. MOVIO: a toolkit for storytelling (Virtual Exhibitions)
  13. 13. Who? What? When? Where? Controlled vocabularies: hubs of Jewish Knowledge in the Structured Web
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Who?
  16. 16. When?
  17. 17. Jewish gazetteers Where?
  18. 18. Jewish encyclopedias: CONTEXT The goals of the project Linking and Populating the Digital Humanities are to create and maintain data integration tools tailored to digital humanities collections in order to build a machine- readable web of facts about covered domains.
  19. 19. Jewish encyclopedias: CONTEXT Encyclopedia Judaica Encyclopedia of Russian Jewry Rav Zeev Vagner Josh Kopelman
  20. 20. Tasks for a common agenda on Jewish vocabularies • Who? Names • Disseminate the use of VIAF • Seek to include periodical publications in VIAF • RAMBI • Long term common effort to achieve comprehensiveness • Where? Places • JewishGen and Yad Vashem gazetteers as linked data? • Use Europeana guidelines to map places coordinates • Registry of Jewish gazetteers / RDF/ community based Jewish gazetteer service similar to GeoNames, Freebase, LinkedGeoData etc • When? Periods • Survey available vocabularies and seek to express them as Linked Data • Institutional tools for in-depth probe on current periodisation practices
  21. 21. Thank you!
  22. 22. EDM Europeana Data Model Guus Schreiber with input from Carlo Meghini, Antoine Isaac, Stefan Gradmann, Makx Dekkers et al. from Europeana V1
  23. 23. Outline
  24. 24. EDM requirements 1. Distinction between “provided object” (painting, book, program) and digital representation 2. Distinction between object and metadata record describing an object . 3. Allow for multiple records for same object, containing potentially contradictory statements about an object 4. Support for objects that are composed of other objects 5. Standard metadata format that can be specialized 6. Standard vocabulary format that can be specialized 7. EDM should be based on existing standards – “not yes another standard” !
  25. 25. SKOS Simple Knowledge ORGANIZATION SYSTEM thesauri, classifications, subjects, taxonomies, folksonomies,… controlled vocabulary concepts are documented, linked, merged with other data, composed, integrated and published on the Web CONCEPTS identified by URIs using RDF triples natural language expressions to refer to concepts: skos: prefLabel [descriptor] skos: altLabel [synonims, acronyms, abbreviations] SEMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS …broader and narrower concepts broader/narrower relationships assert that a concept is broader/narrower in meaning …concepts somehow related SCHEMES compiled sets of concepts: ConceptScheme class and inScheme relationship to link a concept to a scheme hasTopConcept relationship for the entry points of narrower/broader hierarchy LINK schemes map concepts from different schemes using the properties exactMatch, broadMatch, narrowMatch and relatedMatch May 14
  26. 26. OAI ORE Open Archives Initiative Object Reuse & Exchange • Specification: • Primer: • Specified with an RDF model • Four key notions (RDF classes) – Object: the book/painting/program being described – Aggregation: organizes object information from a particular provider (museum, archive, library) – Digital representation: some digital form of the object with a Web address – Proxy: the metadata record for the object
  27. 27. OAI ORE From the OAI-ORE Primer