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Connect and combine assignment 4-dov


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a sport device built from househulds

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Connect and combine assignment 4-dov

  1. 1. Connect and Combine Presented by Dov Kipperman
  2. 2. “in order to invent a device, you haveto think of the need and then it’spossible to invent things that evenscientists don’t think about.”
  3. 3. • My idea is to invent a sport device for people with special needs [disabled people, who wants to overcome their disabilities]
  4. 4. • head-worn devices which allows children without the use of their arms to play board games, such as blackgammon, chess and checkers. The players who wear an helmet attached to a fork can activate magnets in order to pick up, move and put down the game pieces in the squares of their board game.
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