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  1. 1. Qualificationstech support orange countyHighlights of Qualifications Sixteen Years of Network Engineering experience, with a demonstrated ability to quickly learn and integrate new technology in the telecommunications industry. Proven Expertise in various network technologies, detailed below. Certified in both Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows networks. Proven Success in implementing management, operations, technical and interpersonal skills to increase productivity, reliability and teamwork to benefit the company. Team Lead for security, repair, installation, migration, and maintenance of large-scale Windows and Novell networks of over 7000 end users.Technical SkillsHardware : Cisco 2600/3600/4000/7200/7500 series routers, Cisco Catalyst1900/2900/5000/5500 series switch, Cisco 3550 Multilayer Switch, Cisco PIX Firewall,Cisco IDS 515E, CAD/CAM Systems, Netopia Routers, IBM Workstations and Servers,Printers.Software O/S : Microsoft Windows (all versions), Novell 3.1-5.1, UNIX, MicrosoftExchange, Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, AutoCAD, MAPICS, Rhumba Reflections, ISAServer.Programming : Visual Basic, Basic, COBOL, FORTRAN, SQL, HTML, Oracle and DBASE.Certification : MCSE, CNA, CNE, DOD Secret Clearance.How are we different and what does a qualified Network Engineer or NetworkAdministrator look like? 1/3
  2. 2. We are asked frequently about the difference between the average high school “geek”that most computer consulting companies use and a professional IT person that MasleyAnd Associates uses. While it is true there are some very basic PC issues which bothtypes of IT people could easily fix, there is a vast difference when it comes to supportand more complex issues.We only use the top Network Engineers and Network Administrators yet we offer them toour clients for the same low cost. We know how to find and retain the top IT personnelbecause we are the top IT personnel. Most other computer consulting companies areowned and run by non-technical people with sales, marketing or business backgroundswhile Masley And Associates is owned by a network engineer and administrator withmultiple certifications and thirteen years hands-on experience in the field. Who wouldyou rather have managing your IT Department; an experienced IT Professional or a Salesand Marketing guy?We have thirteen years of experience in IT, Management and multiple Certifications innetworking including Microsoft and Novell, CNE, CNA, MCSE. We have five accredited,professional, certified computer technicians on our staff ready to serve you.What all of this means to our clients is greater efficiency. While it would be no problem touse a high school “geek” to add memory to your home computer, most businesseswould not want a high school “geek” working on their business network yet sometimesthat is exactly what happens to some unfortunate businesses.So how does an unknowing business find true IT professionals who are competent andcapable of working on their systems and network?Ask exactly which ceritifications they have and make sure they are certified in the ‘TopThree’? Microsoft, Novell and Cisco (they take years of study and practice to obtain).Most computer consulting companies find high school “geeks” willing to work for $20per hour or less, get them their A+ certification (a one-day, basic PC knowledge test) andcharge you more than $75 per hour for them! The truth is most other computerconsulting companies are only qualified to replace memory or adapter cards in a PC.Ask for references.Ask for a guarantee.Check The Better Business Bureau for the company’s rating.Ask how long they have been working in the IT industry and a description of some of thelarger, more complex projects they have worked on.The bottom line is your network is critical to your business and belongs in the hands ofthe professionals in order to save you time, money and effort. We are the professionals.Think of us as your outsourced IT department. Contact us today we are always availablefor hire.IT support orange county 2/3
  3. 3. computer repair service orange county Qualifications 3/3Powered by TCPDF (