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Extending the Classroom and Learning through Twitter


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This was a presentation from the ISTE 2015 conference in Philadelphia on June 30th. By adapting classically used pedagogical techniques for a Twitter environment, you can transform simple concepts into a rich learning experience. This snapshot will help you leverage Twitter for any classroom through a TPACK approach.

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Extending the Classroom and Learning through Twitter

  1. 1. Who are these people?? @profstrahler Assistant Professor, Slippery Rock University Ed.D., Instructional Technology & Leadership, Duquesne University @ProfJBarron Instructor, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Ed.D., Instructional Technology & Leadership, Duquesne University #TwitEdChat
  2. 2. Social Cognitive Theory • Learners are influenced by the peers they observe, the situations they experience and the concepts and ideas they acquire in the process • Social Cognitive Theory has a lasting effect on learning. The results of a single learning session may not manifest until years later (Schunk, Pintrich & Meece, 2008) • Social learning has a substantial impact on the learner’s feelings and decisions. Once something is personalized on their level, students think twice (Bandura, 1991) • Twitter provides a technology rich learning environment that is easily accessible and provides a diverse form of social expression #TwitEdChat
  3. 3. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK) In order to have an optimal learning environment using technology, it has been suggested that the concept of TPCK must be used. Technological Knowledge Content Knowledge Pedagogical Knowledge TPCK TCK PCK TPK #TwitEdChat
  4. 4. TPCK & Twitter • Twitter is a technological method that can be used for a variety of subject matters supported by proven learning theories Effective technology integration for pedagogy around specific subject matter requires developing sensitivity to the dynamic, transactional relationship between these components of knowledge situated in unique contexts ~Dr. Matthew Koehler #TwitEdChat
  5. 5. #TwitEdChat
  6. 6. Pedagogical Uses • Course updates • Learning & sharing of knowledge • Meet new people • Q&A forum • Professional networking & development • Peer instruction • Community instruction • Concise writing • Feedback channel • Curation of information (hashtag) • Digital Archive Tweet your thoughts: What are other pedagogical uses? #TwitEdChat
  7. 7. Twitter Chats • What is a Twitter chat? – It’s an online discussion that occurs through Twitter with the use of a hashtag • Specific date/time • Set time limit (usually an hour), but doesn’t mean the discussion has to end • Moderator(s) or facilitator(s) ask questions • Open to anyone • Hashtags categorizes tweets for the conversation #TwitEdChat
  8. 8. Twitter Chat in Education • SRU Social Media course (#srusmchat) – #srusm: course hashtag • Goals – Introduce students to new ways for utilizing Twitter – Engage students with course material – Extend the dialogue around weekly topics beyond the class period #TwitEdChat
  9. 9. Twitter Chat for a Course • Model One (Student-centered) – Students are responsible for organizing, planning, promoting and executing an hour long Twitter chat on the topic discussed that week – Utilize Google Doc to organize their chat • Model Two – Instructor-moderated Twitter chat scheduled a couple times throughout the course • Track the chat using Hootsuite/Tweetdeck & Tweet Archivist • Twitter Chat Handout #TwitEdChat
  10. 10. Examples from the Chats #TwitEdISTE Dialogue & Extended Learning
  11. 11. Examples from the Chats #TwitEdChat Additional Resources for Research
  12. 12. Examples from the Chats #TwitEdChat Sharing Related News to Personalized Content areas
  13. 13. Examples from the Chats #TwitEdChat Student Questions & Feedback Channel
  14. 14. Examples from the Chats
  15. 15. Examples from the Chats #TwitEdChat Connecting with the greater community
  16. 16. Benefits • Increase contact & communication with students • Connects current students with course alumni, school alumni, & professionals • Teaching content, information literacy, and digital literacy • Technology to support learning and instruction • Feedback channel for the instructor #TwitEdChat
  17. 17. Review in 140-Characters #TwitEdChat Connect w/ students in a rich learning environment. Create virtual learning anywhere while using sound teaching theories #TwitEdChat
  18. 18. #TwitEdChat