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Digital Portfolios: Your Digital Narrative


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Looking to develop a digital portfolio? This presentation will provide you with some guidelines on how to put together your portfolio from scratch - from organizing your content to building to site with Weebly, Wix, or Wordpress.

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Digital Portfolios: Your Digital Narrative

  1. 1. Digital Portfolios Your Digital Narrative
  2. 2. What is a Digital Portfolio?  An electronic version of your work, accomplishments and thoughts  Can be in the form of PowerPoints, Adobe Acrobat, Website… each having its own advantages and disadvantages  Senior Seminar: Website digital portfolio
  3. 3. Ultimate Goal of a Digital Portfolio?  Provide entry into the real world  Structure the educational experience  Demonstrate your knowledge and skills listed on your resume
  4. 4. Why should you care?  Internships  Job Interviews  Promotional tool
  5. 5. Why should I hire you?  The question employers ask when they view your portfolios  Align yourself with the career/industry you would like to pursue  Structure your content to highlight your skills/knowledge
  6. 6. Create a list of potential skills you would need for your desired career.
  7. 7. Graphic Designer POSITION SUMMARY: The Graphic Designer will report to the Creative Services Manager. Together, with assistance from student workers, interns, freelancers, university vendors and other members of the Marketing Services team, the university's creative needs will be fulfilled. The team's primary focus will be enhancing student recruitment efforts, and enriching external-facing communications for the university's four colleges and high profile/revenue-generating departments including the President's, Institutional Advancement and Alumni and Family Relations Offices. Other departments on campus will also be assisted as needed. This position requires superb graphic design and customer service skills and a keen sense of creativity. Print and digital projects will include marketing collateral, direct mail pieces and e-communications, publications and newsletters, advertisements, logos and infographics, web and social media graphics, event materials, stationery design, campus signage and more. Photography and videography projects will range from multi-day shoots for larger-scale marketing projects to quick snapshots or informal video clips to increase engagement on social media or the website.
  8. 8. Graphic Designer (cont.) ESSENTIAL DUTIES:  Assist Creative Services Manager to produce collateral, photos and videos that effectively showcase the brand "experience," working to achieve a consistent design approach across all mediums.  Be passionate about typography and information hierarchy.  Be a brand warrior, ensuring that uniform branding is applied to all brand communications.  Possess the confidence to constructively discuss or deny projects that are unnecessary, ineffective, or do not fall within brand parameters.  Provide flawless press-ready final files to printers & approve printer proofs  Assist the Creative Services Manager with print bids  Assist with the scheduling of video productions and photo shoots. The ability to touch up photos for optimal printing and display, as well as light video editing skills, are necessary.
  9. 9. Graphic Designer (cont.) ESSENTIAL DUTIES:  Assist skills using Adobe Creative Suite/Creative Cloud (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator), as well as a working knowledge of Microsoft products (Publisher, PowerPoint, Word and Excel).  Outstanding communication skills, with the ability to work positively and collaboratively with different types of people.  Strong organizational and time management skills, with the ability to work under pressure, juggle multiple priorities and stick to deadlines.  Knowledge of print and production processes.  Flexibility in learning new skills.  A good eye for taking or getting creative/compelling photography and videography.  A strong portfolio that reflects appropriate experience and skill level is required.  The willingness to be a team player
  10. 10. Next Step: Find & Organize Materials
  11. 11. Find & Organize Materials  Collect your materials  Back-up and save your work! TWICE!  Document the purpose of each piece, important concepts and reflect on it (personal assessment)  Explain your role  Do not be afraid to make connections!(linking)  Conceptualize your thoughts  Once you know the content/materials for your website; then you can determine your direction
  12. 12. Example: ReadySET  Enhance student recruitment  Print & collateral  Direct mailings  Newsletters  Publications  Advertisements  Logo  Stationary  Typography  Information Hierarchy  Branding  Print Process  Collaboration
  13. 13. Questions to Answer  What is the piece of work?  What did you use to create it? (Software/Hardware)  Group project/Production: What was your role?  How is it relevant to the career you are pursuing?  Goal: 3-4 sentences  Remember: You are not there to explain your pieces of work, so you have to communicate it in your portfolio.
  14. 14. Think about your best piece of work and write a quick description.
  15. 15. Your Digital Narrative
  16. 16. What do you mean by ‘digital narrative’?  The portfolio should tell the story of you  Creating and maintaining a dynamic resume of your experiences  Life  Work  Study
  17. 17. Information Architecture  The combination of:  organization,  labeling, and  navigational schemes  Categorize your sections to best organize your information and gives an overview of what you do
  18. 18. My Website Original Redesign  About  Speaking  Syracuse U.  Slippery Rock U.  Duquesne U.  Portfolio  Vita  Contact  About  Bio  Vita  Speaking  Publications  Teaching  Slippery Rock University  Syracuse University  Portfolio  Contact Navigation Rule of 7, +/-2
  19. 19. Who am I?  Professional Profile  Graphic Designer  Web designer/developer  Social media enthusiast  Instructor/educator  Education  Both of these areas are highlighted in my about, courses, & portfolio sections
  20. 20. Doug Strahler  Academic/Teaching Experience  Syracuse University  Web design  Multimedia  Graphic Design  Onondaga Community College  Web design  Graphic Design  Slippery Rock University  Web design  Social Media
  21. 21. Doug Strahler  Professional Experience  ThreeOneFive Design  Freelance  VLN Partners  Make sure to get approval from the client to post the work to your portfolio website!
  22. 22. Doug Strahler  Presentations (Speaking)  Conferences  Blog postings about experiences and discussions  National Press Foundation  Designed the flash presentation for the Excellence in Online Journalism Award & attended the awards dinner  Rotary International  Discussed Social Media & how they can benefit from using it
  23. 23. Begin creating info architecture and categorizing your content.
  24. 24. Developing Your Portfolio
  25. 25. Portfolio Website Options
  26. 26. Marketing your Portfolio
  27. 27. What else should you do?  Begin to manage your digital identity  Resume  YouTube  Blog  LinkedIn  Twitter  Be familiar with what is going on in your field!  Tailor your portfolio for the job you want
  28. 28. Drive Traffic to Your Portfolio Digital Portfolio Business Card Email Signature
  29. 29. Digital Portfolio Review Checklist  Did the candidate highlight his or her best work?  Are the work samples relevant?  Is the digital portfolio up-to-date?  Is it intuitive?  Is it aesthetically pleasing?  Is the digital portfolio free of errors?  Is meaningful context provided? Digital Portfolio Review Checklist, The Creative Group