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Culture, Poverty, and Social Justice Organizations

  1. Culture, Poverty, and Social Justice Organizations A Semester in Review
  2. Overview  Doug‟s Reflection  Jess‟ Reflection  Adam‟s Reflection
  3. Doug‟s Reflection Defining Poverty - The extent to which an individual does without resources  Financial  Emotional  Mental  Spiritual  Physical  Support systems  Relationships/Role Models Payne, R.K.(2005). A Framework for Understanding Poverty. Aha! Process, Inc: Highlands, Texas.
  4. Doug‟s Reflection  Payne‟s Framework for Poverty  Poverty, Middle Class, & Wealthy  “An individual brings with him/her the hidden rules of the class in which he/she was raised”  Where do we stand as class members or individuals?  If there are rules, how do we get out of our particular class or do we?
  5. Doug‟s Reflection  Slippery Rock University‟s Respect for Individuals  President‟s Task Force on Cultural Awareness
  6. Doug‟s Reflection “Slippery Rock University provides an environment that respects, encourages, and promotes the talents and contributions of all. Slippery Rock University values a community with a shared sense of purpose, where people demonstrate mutual respect and appreciation. Slippery Rock University values diversity that honors and includes all persons regardless of age, creed, disability, ethnic heritage, gender, gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status in academic and extracurricular endeavor, in the working environment, and in the daily life of the university community.”
  7. Jessica‟s Reflection ACCESS: How one group of students made a difference
  8. Jessica‟s Reflection “Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.” – Kofi Annan  Host a fundraiser in your community  Raise awareness with Campaign materials  Have ACCESS give a presentation in your classroom  Use Educator resources to stimulate discussion
  9. Jessica‟s Reflection Current Initiatives for ACCESS  School Uniforms  High School Student Sponsorship.  University Student Sponsorship  School Supplies  Girls for a better future
  10. Jessica‟s Reflection  ACCESS Educator Materials     Lesson Plans Online Games Quotes and Prayers Recommended Reading “Teaching is a vocation – a calling. We are called to not only educate, but to empower and engage today’s youth. As teachers, we have a great responsibility to teach the curriculum and prepare our students to be well informed and well equipped with the tools and knowledge for a bright future. However, more than ever before, we have a moral responsibility to our students.”
  11. Adam‟s Reflection  How can we combat poverty?  Find agencies that provide services to:      foundations not-for-profit organizations universities international aid agencies governments  PIPRA “improves the ability of organizations around the world as they work in research, development, and delivery of technologies for the poor.”  Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Scouting, Licensing and Agreements, & Commercialization Strategy
  12. How does this change the way I do my job?  The link between poverty and going to college seems obvious, but there is more to it  Schools need to work for everyone, though they are generally operated by middle class norms  Students bring hidden rules of the family, in which they were raised  Issues with language can cause students to perform poorly on state tests  students from generational poverty not to fully develop the cognitive structures needed
  13.  Two things that help one move out of poverty are education andrelationships  All of these things need to be considered when coming up with an approach  Educational opportunities and personal/cultural growth and enrichment
  14.  Duquesne‟s Spiritan Identity and Mission  „meeting the needs of the people‟  Working with the people for betterment  Our position as educators  Using technology to help fight poverty and educational issues

Editor's Notes

  1. Discuss how I learned a deeper understanding on defining poverty
  2. Address Dr. Mautino’s questions from our wiki
  3. Discuss SRU’s Respect points
  4. Discuss SRU’s organizations helping to address social justice