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2016 Summer of Social Media

  1. Doug Strahler 2016 Summer of Social Media COMM307: Social Media #srusm
  2. June Highlights • Instagram: user-base has surged to 500 million active monthly users • Facebook: Redesigns Like Button; Launches new Facebook Live features (two-person broadcasts & pre-scheduled broadcasts) & 360-degree photo integration • Twitter: Announced “Stickers”; continues growing branded emojis; emoji ad targeting; 140-second video, & Twitter Engage App • Pinterest: Announced 4 new ecommerce features • Snapchat: Surpasses Twitter in avg. daily users
  3. Facebook introduces DeepText • Facebook Code: “DeepText, a deep learning-based text understanding engine that can understand with near-human accuracy the textual content of several thousands posts per second, spanning more than 20 languages.” • Word-level and character- level based learning • DeepText Explained (video) June 1, 2016
  4. Instagram Launches Business Profiles • Instagram Business Blog: Recognized as a business profile • New Features • Contact button • Access to insights • Ability to turn well-performing posts into ads from within the Instagram app • What does this mean? • “..better understand its audience, tailor its content and refine its marketing strategy.” June 5, 2016
  5. The State of the News Media 2016 • Pew Research Center • Examines trends and shows digital technology continues to upend the news industry • Half of American adults now get news from Facebook • Mobile continues its takeover • $31.6 billion (53%) of total digital advertising was spent on mobile ads; video ad spending climbed 46 percent June 19, 2016
  6. #Brexit, #Bremain, & #EUreferendum • Vote for UK to remain or leave the EU • What did SM teach us? • Zoomph: Sentiment split; millenials • Post-vote, Journalist James O’Malley posts an online petition to • Most tweets on the 24th dealt with questions on what the vote would mean, plus #WhatHaveWeDone & #NotInMyName • Gizmodo: Google Searches Suggest Many in UK Don’t Understand Brexit • 250% spike in searches “What happens if we leave the EU” (Google Trends) June 23-24, 2016
  7. July Highlights • Facebook: 1.7 Billion monthly active users • Twitter: Demographic data available for brands with Gnip’s Audience API & Open Verification for all users • Snapchat: Introduced “Memories,” lets users save, search for, and reuse their Snaps and Stories
  8. Pokémon Go • Traditional Pokémon game introduced to the real world • Look for the critters, catch them, train them and battle with them • Location-based, augmented reality, multiplayer online mobile game • PokéStops & PokéGyms • What does Pokémon Go tell us about the future of marketing communication? July 6, 2016
  9. Pokémon Go Stats • Launched July 6th • July 23rd: 20 million daily active users • August 1st: 100+ million downloads • 78% 18-24 years old • Largest demographic: Men, 21-27 • Avg. daily playing time: 26 minutes • Estimated revenue: $200m July 2016
  10. Pokémon Go for Marketing Communication July 2016
  11. Pokémon Go Ethical & Legal Concerns • PokéStops at Auschwitz, the Holocaust Memorial Museum & Arlington National Cemetery • Cases of trespassing • Sex offenders playing the game to engage children • People walking into traffic and falling from cliffs while searching for Pokémon • Global awareness: Syrian children holding pictures of Pokémon characters and asking the world to save them July 2016
  12. Adults Invade Snapchat!! • comScore: Growth with adult users due to the app continually evolving & providing tools to create engaging content (i.e. Stories, Lenses) July 8, 2016
  13. Milo Yiannopoulos’ Twitter Ban • @Nero, Breitbart writer • The Guardian: Twitter permanently banned Milo after claims he fanned flames of social media attack on Ghostbusters’ Leslie Jones • #FreeMil0 • Raised question of regulation with free speech (NPR) • What does this mean to the future of regulation? July 8, 2016
  14. August Highlights • Facebook: Updated algorithm to reduce click bait & prioritize informative stories • Twitter: Instant Unlock Card for ads; Moments opened to more curators; use emojis in name & bio • Instagram: Introduces “Stories” & Event Channels on Explore • Pinterest: Native video player coming soon • LinkedIn: Influencer videos
  15. #RioOlympics • Brands tie to the values of Olympics & what the Olympics represent • New line of emoji hashtags for each country & general Olympic • Increase in live video & second screen experience • Snapchat targeted millennials through athletes’ stories and successes • Final results show SM underperformed August 5-21, 2016
  16. #RioOlympics Memes August 5-21, 2016 #PhelpsFace
  17. #RioOlympics: Internet Trolls, Bullying, & Sexism August 5-21, 2016
  18. Pinterest Improvements • Pinterest Blog: • Send Pins and board invites to anyone, whether you follow one another or not • Improved search to make it easier for users to find people they know • Send Pins, boards, and profiles across apps, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and text message • The ability to turn off “Picked for you” suggested Pins so that they don’t appear in home feed August 18, 2016