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  1. 1. A days journey to the most photographed lake in IdahoHIKE TO SAWTOOTH LAKE
  2. 2. THE LAKE The Sawtooth National Recreation Area has nearly 1000 miles of rivers and streams, 40 peaks towering over 10,000 feet, and over 1100 lakes. Sawtooth Lake, claims the title of largest lake The lake sits in the shadow of 10,190-foot Mount Regan Its shores are reached by hiking 5 miles among jagged peaks and spectacular alpine scenery.
  3. 3. BASE CAMP View from camp site Peak of Mtn. Regan Slack waters of Stanley Lake
  4. 4. MEADOW WILD FLOWERS Near the trail head Wide meadows full of wild flowers
  5. 5. CRESTING THE PEAK Crossing from the north side of the Sawtooth Range to the south side Snow in July
  6. 6. FIRST GLIMPSE OF SAWTOOTH LAKE Pristine glaciered waters next to granite peaks West side is much smaller than east side
  7. 7. CROSSING TO THE EAST END Hiking through snow and rocks to reach the main east end of Sawtooth Lake
  8. 8. MOST PHOTOGRAPHED Standing from this position Portion of lake in this frame This portion of the lake is the most photographed in the state of Idaho
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