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John caswell for web


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John caswell for web

  1. 1. John Caswell<br />John Caswell is a proven innovator working with C-suite executives across the globe to frame strategy and transformation for their enterprises. Utilizing his proprietary Structured Visual Thinking™ tool, he creates a collaborative environment resulting in logical, accelerated, sustainable business decisions that address the critical questions facing the 21st century organization. Caswell has conducted more than 2500 strategy sessions with C-Suite executives.<br />Prior to forming London-based Group Partners, Caswell was CEO of two WPP Group subsidiaries -ROCQM and RMG International. He lead teams for masterminding and executing global strategy and large scale marketing campaigns for companies such as Ford, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Xerox and Sony. He was also marketing head for Acorn, the business that created the highly successful Arm Technologies, effectively one of the UK's most successful technology businesses. <br />Caswell is a frequent blogger and publisher.<br />Specialties: global design strategy, advertising, marketing, technology<br />Prior Experience:<br />WPP Group<br />Acorn<br />Education:<br />Hogarth College of Fine Art in Cambridge, England<br />Links:<br /><br />