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Future of remote learning by douglas radecki


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Future of remote learning by douglas radecki

  1. 1. Douglas Radecki IIT Institute of Design Interaction Design1Disrupting the20th CenturyTeaching Model
  2. 2. Douglas Radecki IIT Institute of Design Interaction DesignClassroom Focused LearningMonolithic Technology Old Industrial Age ModelBased on the success of the American factory,many educators and policy makers believedthe same approach would create highly skilland knowledgeable citizens. This meanta teacher would lead their students through aset of curriculum, moving at an overall pace(Tyack and Cuban). While, at the time, thatapproach worked, the world has grown morecomplex, and with that the expectations aroundthe skills and knowledge one must posses.2
  3. 3. Douglas Radecki IIT Institute of Design Interaction DesignProject Based Learning:A look at the Montessori systemProject Based learning is highly motivatingas it allows students to utilize the lesson,synthesizing the knowledge as they completetasks in order to complete the project.Understanding that people learn differently,that there are many types of intelligence(Howard Gardner), the education modelaround Montessori was ahead of the curve.By empowering children with freedom andproper level of guidance, children couldpursue their own interests.3
  4. 4. Douglas Radecki IIT Institute of Design Interaction DesignStudent-CentricInterest Based Learning4Student-centric learning in the natural nextstep in education. This model of learningfocuses on the students unique interests andrecognizes the need to teach the studentaccording to his learning style.
  5. 5. Douglas Radecki IIT Institute of Design Interaction DesignCLASSROOMThe Computer is treated as another tools tohelp teach in the monolithic teaching model.ONLINEThe internet allows students to explore theirinterests, learning from groups of educatorswho come from professional teachingcircles, or knowledgable amateurs who wantto share their knowledge5Modern Technology in theClassroom vs Online
  6. 6. Douglas Radecki IIT Institute of Design Interaction DesignTypes of Online Programs6AmplifyCourseraReddit UniversityUdacityBetterAtNOVICE TEACHER PROFESSIONAL TEACHERINDIVIDUALINSTITUTIONCodecademyKhanAcademyOpenCourseWareedxGoogle Course Builder
  7. 7. Douglas Radecki IIT Institute of Design Interaction DesignPRODUCTIONKhan Academy presented the world asuccessful example of remote learning.Teachers have now begun to use KhanAcademy to teach the lectures, using classtime to work with teacher’s one-on-one(WIRED July 2012).Moving forward Google’s Course Builderwas announced in early September whichwill allow users to create their owncontent and tests.7The future continues to be open source.AGGREGATIONSites like BetterAt will be lead by student’swho come to BetterAt to help them exploretheir interests, finding a community ofpeers and mentors to learn from andinspire them.Reddit University will allow the communityto self organize around topics and postsites that individuals have created,becoming a filter to help students discoverthe “best of” on the topics of their choice.
  8. 8. Douglas Radecki IIT Institute of Design Interaction DesignTrends8Radio VCRsStudent-leadGrass roots startedStarted from the outsideTECHNOLOGYINSTITUTIONSComputers Tablets + MobileSOLITUDELEARNINGWebcamsCOMMUNITYFOCUSEDAugmentedrealityDR. Michael Moorepublishes distancelearning theory atUniversity ofPennsylvania.Classroom Connectoffers educationalWeb Quests forclassroomsworldwide.First accreditedonline universityis JonesInternationalUniversity..Current Day Future
  9. 9. Douglas Radecki IIT Institute of Design Interaction DesignUdacityUdacity’s goal is to provide students whomight not have the chance to sit in theclassrooms of the leading universities inthe world, the opportunity to learn fromindustry leaders.Many of Udacity’s classes are taught byinternet celebrities, or industrycelebrities. This helps build credibility forUdacity, and makes the students excitedto listen through the lectures of some oftheir own personal heroes.9“”The best teachers aren’t necessarilythe best researchers... theseteachers are fundamentally betterthen us university professors.SEBASTIAN THRUNTechcruch disruption 2012
  10. 10. Douglas Radecki IIT Institute of Design Interaction DesignUdacityThe Future for Udacity10Continue to be community focused, Udacity willidentify the most engaged helpful students whowould be a good employee and give them theopportunity for job placement in leading technologyfirms, where their CVs may have gone unnoticed.
  11. 11. Douglas Radecki IIT Institute of Design Interaction Design11Challenges for Remote LearningCommunity engagementHighlighting successesKeeping students motivated even whenlife gets in the way (Continuing Education)Staying focused on one’s education goals.Understanding the progression of contentBuilding credibility for organizations whoaward students certificatesBuilding trust and quality control
  12. 12. Douglas Radecki IIT Institute of Design Interaction DesignFuture Trends12Incorporate various datastreams, social media,tests, homework, to geta sense of wether kidsare understanding.For supporting members(teachers, mentors, parents) For studentsGamification ofeducation to increaseengagement.Emphasize collaborationbetween students.Project based work thathas real effect. eg.Helping build solutionsSocial networks playa larger impact inorganizing studentstogether so they canshare and help eachother learn.
  13. 13. Douglas Radecki IIT Institute of Design Interaction DesignBibliographyUdacity’s enrollment: Disrupt 2012 Conference: DisruptingThe Wall Street Journal, 15.6.2012: Sebastian Thrun: What’s Next for Silicon Valley?Google Releases an Open-Source Education Platform online education is ready for disruption,now. Christensen, “Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns”.How Khan Academy is Changing the Rule of Education.