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SEO is Dead


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SEO is dead as we know it. The old math of increased backlinks and stuffing keywords is now a target for Google to identify your site and bury it in the search results. SEO is no longer a math problem, it's a human one. Social indicators are becoming key to ranking and link algorithms are being retired. It's time for you to see the truth about SEO... and adjust accordingly. This presentation was originally sponsored and shown through a webinar with Compendium.

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SEO is Dead

  1. “SEO is dead. Long live SEO!”The Essential [SEO] Toolkit for 2012
  2. Why Should You Listen to Me?• DK New Media – Launched 18 Months Ago – Offices in downtown Indianapolis – International Clients in US, CA, UK, FR, IT and NZ – 1 Book Deal – Monthly opportunities to relevant audiences – 100,000 visits per month from relevant audiences – 40,000 visits per month from new search visitors on relevant keywords – Profitable from Day 1, 4 FTEs with another 3 targeted for 2012 – Expansion: Sponsored Blog, Radio Show, Newsletter, Video @compendium @mktgtechblog – SEO Clients: Angie’s List, ChaCha, Webtrends Mindjet, Right On Interactive and more #seoisdead
  3. Why I Changed My Mind!1. I figured out the majority of RELEVANT, CONVERTING visitors were from long-tail keywords.2. I figured out that SOCIAL provides unlimited potential while SEARCH is limited.3. When I shifted focus on GREAT CONTENT and SOCIAL PROMOTION, my audience grew five-fold.
  4. Search Continues to Evolve Before Present • Platform • Personalization • Content • Platform • Links • Content • Relevant LinksGoogle has evolved past the ‘backlink’ and is using a number ofother indicators, such as social, to indicate the popularity of content.This has moved the needle… from math and SEO puritans to inboundmarketing professionals. SEO, in its traditional sense, is dead.
  5. Google’s Top 5 SEO Mistakes 1. Value Proposition 2. Segmented Approach 3. Workarounds 4. SEO Trends 5. Slow Iteration Maile Ohye, Google
  6. Make ItCompelling!
  7. Answer the Question!
  8. CTAs and Landing Pages• Make it shareable!• Tell them what to do!• Tell them when to do it!• Show them the way!
  9. Content and Intent Lead Nurturing
  10. Path to EngagementFind Read Click Contact Buy CRM/Subscribe Email
  11. Marketing and SEOHow are your offline marketingefforts supporting your onlinemarketing campaigns?
  12. Promotion• Like• Tweet• Share• +1• Stumble• Pin
  13. Retention• Newsletter is vital• Nurtures leads• Push vs pull• Returns visitors
  14. Stop Workarounds• Don’t use page ‘sculpting’ techniques to over- optimize your content. Example: rel=“nofollow”
  15. Over Optimization• Don’t focus on algorithms, focus on your visitors.• Keyword density, keyword stuffing, keyword usage, backlinks… will no longer impact your business as much as writing great content.
  16. Be AgileDefine, implement, measure, improve, repeat
  17. Text MKTG to 71813 to Subscribe Douglas Karr @douglaskarr CEO, DK New Media Author, Corporate Blogging for Dummies Founder, The Marketing Technology Blog We help companies reach their online marketing potential.