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Going Social: Business and Social Media


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Supporting documentation on the execution, stages and measurement of a successful social media strategy for your business.

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Going Social: Business and Social Media

  1. Supporting documentation on the execution,stages and measurement of a successful socialmedia strategy for your business.
  2. What Does Social Media Accomplish?• Building Advocacy• Building Credibility• Building Audience• Building Community
  3. 83% Of marketers believeDoes It Work? Facebook is critical to their business. 67% Of B2C marketers have gotten a customer from Facebook 41% Of B2B marketers have gotten a customer from Facebook
  4. Credit:
  5. But Isn’t Blogging Dead? • Yes, we call it Content Marketing now. • 2/3rds of marketers say their company blog is critical or important to their business. • 57% of companies report getting a customer through their blog.
  6. What Does it Cost?• Time• Research• Content• Tools 62% LESS than Outbound Marketing
  7. How is it Different? • Inbound Marketing • Bi-Directional Communication • Compete on Merits not Money • People over PPPs • Trust, Authority and CredibilityImage Credit:
  8. Understand Intent Lead Nurturing
  9. How to Start?1. Have a policy! http://socialmediagovernance.com2. Monitor Social Media3. Set Measurable Goals4. Don’t Fake It5. Protect Your Brand6. Provide Value
  10. Utilizing keywords in your social engagements still matters. Example: Cat Breading versus Cat Breeding
  11. Path to EngagementFind Read Click Contact Buy CRM/Subscribe Email
  12. SO LO MOcial cal bile
  13. Stages of Social MediaAdvocacy CredibilityListen AudienceRespond Educate CommunityMeet Share Grow Introduce Promote Advocacy Entertain Promote Collaborate
  14. Social Media Metrics• Mentions• Sentiment• Engagement• Growth• Amplification• Advertising
  15. Analytics Challenges• Browsers versus Applications• Google Analytics Social – Conversions – Referrals – Sharing
  16. Facebook
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