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Content Marketing: Feeding the Customer Journey


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While some companies have been hesitant at adopting digital marketing strategies, consumer and business buyers have not. The customer journey has evolved dramatically. This presentation provides all the information you need to modernize your content, mobile, and social strategies to adapt to your prospect's changing behavior.

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Content Marketing: Feeding the Customer Journey

  1. 1. Purchase Journeys Have Changed: Source: Cisco The number of points along the customer purchase journey are accelerating, 800 and growing as more and more resources become available for research.
  2. 2. The Myth of Attribution Technology attributes first and last touch attribution, and is beginning to predict the impact from other mediums, but consumers are impacted throughout the journey and directly attributing the moment of truth is virtually impossible. I recently purchased an Amazon Echo after hearing about how great it was from Mark Schaefer on Facebook. I checking Amazon, YouTube, seeing retargeting ads, viewing reviews… but I don’t know at what point I actually made the purchase decision. So how does your analytics know?
  3. 3. Moments Source: Think with Google 4 moments crucial in the buyer’s journey that you must have strategies to assist via your digital media and mobile presence.
  4. 4. Marketing is Evolving • It is not batch, blast, and spamming. • It is establishing your company as a trusted resource. • It is establishing you as a trusted authority. • It is growing your company’s awareness and reach. • It is working to grow an audience into a community.
  5. 5. Social Media IS Working! • 78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers. Source: Forbes • 64.% of sales people utilizing social media report an increase in sales revenue, 22.2% more than sales people not utilizing social media. • 91% of social sellers report an expected increase in their company’s sales revenue • Top sellers use LinkedIn 6 hours per week. Source: Jill Konrath
  6. 6. Why Aren’t Organizations seeing Social Success? • Only 8.5% of users have a social media- integrated process. • 72% of sales professionals are not proficient with social selling techniques. PS: Subscribe to the Marketing Technology Blog for our upcoming Social Selling series!
  7. 7. Your Prospects Consume Content Differently: • Video: Facebook Live, Periscope, Vine, YouTube, Hangouts • Audio: Podcast • Text: Tweets, Updates, Blog Posts • Visual: Infographics • Events: Tweet Chats, Blabs, Hangouts, Event Hashtags
  8. 8. Successful Sales and Branding Alignment are a Must! • A personal brand that differentiates you WITH your company. • A corporate brand that has a great reputation and is engaged with prospects and customers. • An online presence for both that builds your authority, reach and value. • A sales strategy based on sound methods, mindsets and mechanics.
  9. 9. Research keywords and hashtags! #catbreading vs #catbreeding
  10. 10. The Modern Marketing Machine:
  11. 11. What Your Aiming For:
  12. 12. Paid Owned and Earned Results Source: OMI
  13. 13. Build a Content Library Stop ineffective, time-consuming content production that doesn’t work! 1. Audit – taxonomy and hierarchy to content and performance 2. Enhance – engage via podcast, video, infographic, and imagery 3. Condense – identify and condense topics into highly engaging, multi-media, shallow to deep pages 4. Add – prioritize competitive, non-branded gaps and generate high-quality content 5. Maintenance – keep old content fresh, new imagery, new statistics
  14. 14. LIE: “Attention Spans Are Shortening” 1. FACT – the average #1 ranking page has GROWN to over 1,500 words on Google. 2. FACT – businesses and consumers are consuming MORE content than EVER in history. 3. FACT – businesses and consumers that BUY need enough information to make the purchase decision. 4. FACT – people spend less time on sites and pages that SUCK, not on well-designed, well-produced, and well-written pages with great information.
  15. 15. A foundation of all your digital efforts should be nurturing via email! It’s not “versus”!
  16. 16. Corporate Stages of Social Media and Influence: Successful social media engagement requires a strategy to move your brand through each stage. Each stage increases the value of the program and overall return on investment.
  17. 17. Get Social:  Follow your peers within your company and promote their updates.  Be an advocate for your company’s sales and marketing efforts online.  Follow leaders within your industry and promote their updates when the opportunity arises.  Follow your company and promote its goods and services to increase your value to them.  Follow prospects and assist them with issues that may or may not be associated with your products or services.  Make introductions between any and all to increase your value to their network.  Share industry news, publications and events that would be of value to your audience
  18. 18. Contact: Douglas Karr • @douglaskarr @mktgtechblog • CEO, DK New Media • Author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies • Founder of the Marketing Technology Blog Offices • • Downtown Indianapolis: • 120 East Market Street, Suite 940 • Indianapolis, IN 46204 • Phone: (844) DKNEWMEDIA or (844) 356-3963 • Email: