Business Blogging: 5 Keys to Conversion


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The elements of a successful business blog are actually pretty simple. Great content and an optimized platform are your foundation - but you also need some additional elements to drive inbound marketing efforts.

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  • Before the web, consumers and businesses could only obtain information by reading marketing media and contacting sales.
  • Google provided a means for the consumer or business to obtain the information they needed without marketing or contacting sales.
  • Add social media, and the business and consumer prospect is now empowered to research and product or service through word of mouth, recommendations and do it easily with the use of Google.
  • Step #1: Your business blog should be the medium through which your search and social media traffic travels. Be sure to promote throughout and integrate with these mediums.
  • Step #1: Examples
  • Step #2: Provide a path to engagement to turn your readers into customers. Make it simple and tell your audience what they want to do next.
  • Step #2: Example of a blog post to the left and a series of call to actions (CTAs) to the right.
  • Step #3: People don’t have time. You must make your content both simple to digest and provide a number of ways to digest it. Images, audio and video are more important than ever to connect with an audience who may not take the time to read your content.
  • Step #4: Trade whitepapers, downloads, events, information, email newsletters, and even prizes for information that you can utilize to connect later with the lead.
  • Step #4: Example – don’t put whitepapers in plain site – get some information and even prequalify your leads with a couple of questions.
  • Step #5: Measure every inbound lead and every conversion through campaigns, referrals, keywords and registration forms. Don’t leave anything to chance – you may be surprised by where your leads are coming from.
  • Step #5: Example – utilizing an enterprise capable analytics application like Webtrends can make a huge difference since there are incredible resources to enable your tracking and reporting.
  • Contact DK New Media if you’d like some help optimizing your business blog. Read Corporate Blogging for Dummies, too!
  • Business Blogging: 5 Keys to Conversion

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