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10 Proven Tips for Leveraging Slideshare


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Slideshare continues to be a compelling visual medium for marketers everywhere, but people don't realize that there are tips and tricks to ensuring you're squeezing the most out of the presentations that you post on Slideshare. Learn how to get around the import limitations of Slideshare and how to even embed links in your presentations for maximum exposure. These are the top 10 proven tips for leveraging Slideshare that I've learned over the years and that have driven hundreds of leads to my clients.

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10 Proven Tips for Leveraging Slideshare

  1. Tip #1. Design a KILLER Title Slide• BACKGROUND - Find a background image that is colorful, bright and captures attention.• FONT - Write your title with a font that’s easy to see, even if your presentation is viewed much smaller (as it is on Slideshare)• TITLE - Make your title so compelling that visitors must click on it.
  2. Tip #2. Cheat Customizations• FONTS & SHADOWS – Will help make your presentation unique but will not import into Slideshare. Here’s how to cheat…• EXPORT – Set your fonts, adjust your shadows, then export the presentation with the file type set to images. Build a new presentation with the images as the slides or export as PDF and upload!
  3. Tip #3 Fill in Your NotesNOTES – are the sectionsunder your slide inPowerPoint.If you fill them in,Slideshare will displaythem on Slideshare –providing your Slidesharepresentation page withadditional content that canattract search enginetraffic.
  4. Tip #4 Insert Links• LINKS – are properly converted by the Slideshare system when you insert them!• SOCIAL – if you’re really good… you can even get your readers to from your Slideshare presentation! Click the Tweet button! (Thank @kmullett for that tip)
  5. Tip #5 Go PRO• PRO – offers you advanced analytics and lead generation! That’s right… insert a form directly in your Slideshare presentation to capture leads. It’s only $19 a month!
  6. Tip #6 Complete Your Profile
  7. Tip #7 Use Words SPARINGLYVISUAL – Slideshare is a visual medium. Use onlyenough Words to get the point across!
  8. Tip #8 OptimizePeople find presentations through search enginesand through Slideshare’s internal search… so utilizekeywords effectively in the Slideshare details:• TITLES• TAGS• DESCRIPTIONS
  9. Tip #9 Add Slideshare to LinkedIn
  10. Tip #10 Promote! Promote! Promote! So… it’s finally posted. You’re not done! Promote it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, your blog... EVERYWHERE! Pssst… And a few months later, promote it AGAIN!
  11. Thanks!I’m Douglas Karr and my Agency, DKNew Media, helps large companiesleverage new media to drive inboundmarketing.Look us up at:http://www.dknewmedia.comAnd our blog at: Follow me on Twitter @douglaskarr