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D Jung E Portfolio

  1. 1. An E-Portfolio Introduction Healthcare Creative/Copy Doug Jung Navigate via  and 
  2. 2. A Healthcare Creative/Copy Expert with… • Experience – RX, OTC – DTP, DTC – Medical Devices • Wins & Launches – Lipitor, Reminyl, Olympus…. • Perspective – Client- and agency-side – Rose to agency copy creative director – Ran own ad firm 8 years – MBA in Marketing
  3. 3. …And a fresh creative view 2011 Global Corporate Recruitment Campaign: Sole consultant retained to help re-position, re-energize and rewrite the book for this biopharma company to recruit and retain employees internationally
  4. 4. Launches…• Blockbuster LIPITOR DTC Print Launch Ad• Wrote the best-testing print ad in multi-agency Top-scoring ad tested to target patients pitch for launch became the DTC launch ad for LIPITOR
  5. 5. Managed Markets… “Loved the yin-yang heart!” – Pitch agency president• Fresh Approaches for Managed Care Marketing• Diabetes Intervention Initiative for MCOs/Employers
  6. 6. Managed Markets… • TOPAMAX MOSAIC MIGRAINE Program for Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical • Managed markets program (AV, print, newsletter articles, patient aids, sales materials) • “Best employer program in the industry” – independent market research firm
  7. 7. Launches… Campaign continued 7 years post-launch • REMINYL Sharing Care Program for Alzheimer’s Disease Patients & Caregivers • Multimedia relationship marketing (AV, newsletters, collateral) for early diagnosis & long-term compliance
  8. 8. Pitches and Wins… • OLYMPUS Medical Systems • Key writer in winning AOR pitch • From corporate… “You were great, …”
  9. 9. Pitches and Wins… • …to new ideas • Insights & extras beyond the expected • Informed creative “… a plus!” – Creative Director, Olympus AOR
  10. 10. Pharma… • In-house McNeil/J&J • Clients include: – Johnson & Johnson: • Corporation • Divisions – Pfizer – Bristol-Myers Squibb – Teva – Alcon Surgical – And others “Extraordinarily well done” – VP, Corporate Communications, Johnson & Johnson
  11. 11. Repositioning… Solving the “expensive gray box on table” problem• Fresh Approaches for established brands• Relaunching eye-surgery device for Alcon Surgical
  12. 12. Repositioning… “Loved the yin-yang heart!” – Pitch agency president• Fresh Approaches for established brands• Pitch for Caduet launch in Canada
  13. 13. Repositioning… • Fresh Relationship Marketing Approach for established brand • EpiPen Center for Anaphylactic Support Compliance Campaign Expanding the market for a category king
  14. 14. Creative Know-How… Launching the only treatment for a rare, fatal disease• “Orphan disease” drug launch for Teva branded division• Physician education campaign for early recognition and treatment
  15. 15. Creative Know-How… Taking an established brand into a new niche• Taking ConvaTec/BMS into Sports Med Market• Niche marketing: advertising, sales aids, collateral
  16. 16. Creative Know-How… • Pfizer Cardiovascular “Anatomy of a Storm” multisensory experience (Lipitor, Norvasc, Caduet) • Conceived, pitched, won, & scripted AV exhibit • Experienced by 25% of attendees at AHA annual meeting
  17. 17. …And Follow-through Corporate ad for exhibit company, based on Pfizer “Anatomy of a Storm” success story (see previous)
  18. 18. Recap…• RX, OTC, DTP, DTC, Medical Devices• Roll-Up-Sleeves Teamwork Style with staff, colleagues, and clients…• and the Passion to Add Strategic & Creative Value in Healthcare Marketing
  19. 19. Ready for Your Team • Mid-New Jersey based • Within easy reach of NY/NJ/Philadelphia and the world • Contact via: – Tel: 609-529-2028 – douglasjung@verizon.net Doug Jung – www.linkedin.com/in/dougjung