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Inset post 16 (reduced)


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Inset post 16 (reduced)

  1. 1. THE DARK ART EXPLAINEDCreative Ideas for teaching Post 16 and beyond
  2. 2. A Moments Reflection• Is Advanced Level teaching a dark art,distinctively different from Key Stage 3& Key Stage 4?No. Strategies for engaging KS4students are just as effective with post-16 students.
  3. 3. HOW DO YOU VIEW YOURSELF? Do you see yourself as teaching students what to think or how to think?Do you see yourself primarily as a teacher of yoursubject(s) or do you see yourself primarily as ateacher of students?
  4. 4. What type of training session do you like?• One where you sit and listen?• One where you are learning interactively?• One where you are told the answers?• One where you “discover” the answers for yourself?
  5. 5. Chief Ofsted Inspector’s Report• In 15% of school sixth forms teaching is outstanding and in 46% it is good.• Considerable differences in quality can be found across subjects and courses in single institutions.• Weaker teaching in school sixth forms is too often based on the teacher talking for too long and not checking students‟ understanding regularly.• Insufficient attention is given to the balance and appropriateness of activities and tasks expected of students during lessons.
  6. 6. Successful Post 16 teachingThe key ingredients:• high levels of enthusiasm for the subject• consistently high expectations of all students• marking and constructive feedback which enables students to understand how to improve their work• well judged and imaginative teaching strategies that match individual student needs• developing students‟ confidence and independence
  7. 7. What makes a good lesson?A teacher who is confident of their subjectknowledgeWell thought out preparationA clear idea of how this lesson fits into the last &next lessonActive participation by the studentsAssessment that informs further teachingEnjoyment by both the students & teacher
  8. 8. Building independent Learners• Students do not transform into independent learners by travelling through the „Sixth Form portal‟;• They need to be given opportunities to develop these skills and attributes;• Works best if there is a common experience and common set of expectations across subjects, especially in the first half-term in Year 12
  9. 9. KEY ACTION POINTS• Discuss with your colleagues – what are the key action points for 1. Me 2. My department 3. Thomas Tallis
  10. 10. Post 16 Mini Mini Bites…Miss Odd‟s AFL Pick and Mix Bradshaw‟s Bargain ScaffoldingVic‟s Vexed & Vulnerable‟s Mr T‟s Teaching Tips
  11. 11. NOW IT‟S YOUR TURN!• Choose one of the areas that inspired you today and consider how you can use it…You• Activities, Lesson Planning, Class materialsYour Department• Schemes of work, Generic Resources, PLCsThomas Tallis• Whole School generic resources, Ideas for developments