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Formation of the Grand Canyon Starter


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Formation of the Grand Canyon Starter

  1. 1. How was thislandscape created?What factors have determined the formation of this landscape?
  2. 2. Grand Canyon, USA
  3. 3. Grand Canyon, USA
  4. 4. Grand Canyon,USA
  5. 5. Grand Canyon, DepositionUSA
  6. 6. Grand Canyon, DepositionUSA Folding and
  7. 7. Grand Canyon, DepositionUSA Folding and Erosion
  8. 8. Grand Canyon, DepositionUSA Folding and Weathering Erosion
  9. 9. Grand Canyon,USA
  10. 10. Grand Canyon,USA Weathering Erosion Folding and Deposition
  11. 11. Grand Canyon,USA Interaction of all these geomorphic and tectonic processes created the current canyon. The oldest deposits at the bottom are 2 billion years old, the youngest 230 million years old at the rim. Most of these deposits were laid down when the canyon was actually under a shallow ocean. Uplifting began 65 million years ago. A fall in sea level 5.3 million years ago caused the river to cut down even faster through the rock layers. This increased rate of erosion had Weathering Erosion Folding and cut the canyon’s current depth by 1.2 million years ago. Landscapes are the product of Deposition the complex interaction of a range of processes over long periods of time.