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2 slide overview on recent Iapetus successes

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Recent Track Record

  1. 1. Client Testimonials<br />“We engaged with Iapetus Consulting with a very challenging search we had been looking to fill for a number of months. The partnership has been developed working closely with one another and the results have been excellent. Our Consultant has delivered very high quality candidates for our specific requirements. So far, every candidate they have presented has gone through to the final stage of our various searches. This has given us an opportunity to hire some great talent which will in turn, help us grow our business. The level of understanding Iapetus has of the skills we need and the culture in which we work has been fundamental to the success of this relationship. I strongly recommend Iapetus Consulting to any organization looking to hire Sales, Professional Services, Technology or Marketing staff.”<br /> Executive Vice President, VSoftCorporation<br /> ”One of the hardest things I have had to do at Broadlook was accept that I was too busy to do the recruiting myself. Having been a recruiter, run a recruiting firm and now a software company, I have a unique perspective on the recruitment process. My process works and outsourcing it was a fear of mine. The initial conversation with Douglas set me at ease. Douglas and the team at Iapetus Consulting truly listen and understand the recruiting process. He has consistently produced top candidates that pay for themselves and gives Broadlook a return-on-investment within the first 45 days. For anyone looking for a recruiter I highly recommend Douglas and the team.”<br />CEO, Broadlook Technologies<br /> &quot;It was a positive and successful experience working with Iapetus. As a recruitment specialist, they thoroughly assessed our requirements and quickly produced a shortlist of candidates for a senior management role. I would absolutely recommend their services.&quot;<br /> Managing Director, Progress Software<br />Talent. Acquired.<br />
  2. 2. Recent Success Stories <br />3 candidates sourced in 4 working days. All had 1st interviews. 2 final interviews, 1 hire. Client comment:”both would do a great job and I could offer either of them.”<br />New Senior Internal team in Greenville, SC. Software specific criteria. All positions fully sourced within 4 days. 25 first interviews conducted. 9 placements made, including 1 relocation.<br />Position open for over 12 months. Provided 3 candidates (incl. benchmark in 48 hours), within 5 working days. All 3 candidates flown in for F2F. Ongoing. 2 additional placements made at 2:1 ratio or better.<br />New company in US. 4 candidates sourced in 4 days. 3 Interviews, 1 hire.<br />Talent. Acquired.<br />