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Social media for salespeople


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How salespeople can use social media to build relationships and nurture leads through the sales process.

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Social media for salespeople

  1. 1. By Douglas E RiceFor YSU’s “Professional Selling Course” Fall 2012 Instructor: Ron Emery
  2. 2. Perceptions on Sales What do you think of when you think of sales as a profession? Sales vs. Marketing B2B sales vs. B2C sales Sales as relationship-building
  3. 3. Perceptions on Social Media What do you think of when you think of social media/networking? Personal vs. business use of social media B2B vs. B2C social media Social Media Marketing vs. Engagement
  4. 4. The Social Sales Process 1. Find target customers 2. Connect with target customers 3. Nurture relationships 4. Meet with target customers 5. Acquire the accountsCatchyAcronym
  5. 5. Find Target Customers Finding is about research—building a list of customers that your company can help. Search for Prospects on LinkedIn Divide Prospects into Lists on Twitter
  6. 6. Connect with Target Customers Connecting is about initiating conversation—reaching out to prospects on the list you’ve built.1. Twitter: Reply to tweets from the accounts on your list.2. Blogosphere: Follow and comment on blogs by accounts on your list
  7. 7. Connect with Target Customers(Cont.) Leaving an @reply on Leaving a comment Twitter… on a blog
  8. 8. Nurturing Nurturing is about staying on a prospect’s radar and consistently demonstrating value.#1) ***START A BLOG!*** The Marcus Sheridan Story
  9. 9. Nurturing (Cont.)#2)Tweet Chats #3) Groups #4) Answers
  10. 10. Nurturing (Cont.) #5) Facebook Page #6) YouTube Video Tutorials
  11. 11. Meet with Target Customers Meeting with target customers is about getting together to discuss working together. Webinars Meeting IRL—an absolute necessity.
  12. 12. Acquire the Accounts Acquiring the account is about moving a prospect into your current customer base. “The relationship is the customer.” – Charles Green Staying in Touch… Email Marketing Surveys/Feedback Data Analytics
  13. 13. Concluding Remarks The future of sales? Sales has always been and will always be about relationships.
  14. 14. Resources…on sales …on social media The Sales  Social Media Blog, Examiner, http://www.socialmediaexaminer.c Dan om Waldschmidt, http://www.danwaldschmidt.  Jeff Bullas com Blog, The Sales  Hubspot Inbound Hunter, Marketing, Fearless  Content Marketing Selling, http://www.fearless- Institute, http://www.contentmarketinginstit Score More  The Sales Sales, Lion, Sales  Spin Playbook, Sucks, Partners in  Chris Excellence, http://www.partnersinexcellence Brogan,
  15. 15. Information for Douglas E Rice Douglas E Rice, Small Business Storyteller LLC