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Young Living Essential Oils offers
• To have your health and wellness products paid for
• A life of health and wellness through Young Living’s Therapeutic-Grade products
• To access discounts, best prices, promotions, rewards in an ongoing loyalty program
• For freedom from time and financial constraints to give you real lifestyle choices
• To multiply your income without having to work additional hours
• To travel the world, learn and enjoy the best life has to offer
Young Living is:
• The world leader in essential oils
• Established in 1992 with a successful track record in business by delivering products that work
• On a rapid global expansion program with offices in Europe, North America, Latin America, Oceania and Asia
• Operating in significant high growth markets across multiple product categories in health and wellness
Young Living’s Vision – “To help people achieve a life of wellness, purpose and abundance”
Our mission is to achieve our vision by:
• Developing Best-in-class Products
• Providing World Standard Business Development Systems
• Participating in High Growth Markets
• Attracting, engaging, developing and retaining talented people
Segmenting Health & Wellness - $1 Trillion by 2017:
• Functional Nutrition
o NingXia Red
o Slique Weight Management Range
o Protein Powders & Bars
o Nutritional Supplement Range
• Personal Healthcare
o Household Products
o Shampoo & Conditioner
o Soaps, Bath & Shower Gels
o Deodorants
o Massage Oils
• Beauty Segment
o A-R-T Skin Care (Age Refining Technology)
o Anti-Aging
o Skin repair and rejuvenation
o Cleanse, tone & moisturise
• Hygiene Segment
o Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Dental Floss
o Antiseptic & First Aid Options
• Consumer Devices
o Essential Oil Diffusers
• Services/Information
o Raindrop Technique
o Emotional Clearing Technique
What are Essential Oils?
• Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic liquids derived from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, herbs, and seeds.
• These liquids defend plants from insects, harsh environmental conditions and disease.
• These natural defensive mechanisms have been used since ancient times for their preventative and health-giving properties.
What are essential oils used for?
• Essential oils are used in flavouring foods and drinks and other products such as perfumes, cosmetics and soaps
• They are also used for adding scents to household cleaning products
• Young Living products go beyond being simply ‘green’ and ‘natural’ to providing real preventative and health benefits
Essential oils are used in aromatherapy for the purpose of altering a person’s mind, mood, cognitive function or health
1. Direct inhalation: for respiratory disinfection, decongestion, expectoration as well as psychological effects.
2. Ariel diffusion: for environmental fragrance or aerial disinfection
3. Topical applications: for general massage, baths, compresses and therapeutic skin care.

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Essential Oils Wellness, Purpose & Abundance

  1. 1. • To have your health and wellness products paid for• A life of health and wellness through Young Living’s Therapeutic-Grade™ products• To access discounts, best prices, promotions, rewards in an ongoing loyalty program• For freedom from time and financial constraints to give you real lifestyle choices• To multiply your income without having to work additional hours• To travel the world, learn and enjoy the best life has to offerYoung Living offers you …Opportunities:
  2. 2. Young Living is…• The world leader in essential oils• Established in 1992 with a successful trackrecord in business by delivering productsthat work.• On a rapid global expansion program withoffices in Europe, North America, LatinAmerica, Oceania and Asia.• Operating in significant high growth marketsacross multiple product categories in healthand wellness
  3. 3. Young Living’s Vision“To help people achieve a life ofwellness, purpose andabundance”
  4. 4. Our mission is to achieve our vision by...Providing World StandardBusiness Development SystemsDevelopingBest-in-Class ProductsParticipating inHigh Growth MarketsAttracting, engaging, developingand retaining talented peoplePEOPLEBUSINESSCUSTOMERSBUSINESSPEOPLEPEOPLE PEOPLE
  5. 5. Segmenting Health and Wellness – $1 Trillion by 2017FunctionalNutritionPersonalHealthcareBeautySegmentHygieneSegmentConsumerDevicesServices /Information2010 Market Size ($billions)$225-$275 $80-$100 $200-$225 $200-$225 $20-$25 $85-$125Projected Future Growth (2010-2020, compounded annual growth rate, % )5%-8% 3%-6% 6%-8% 5%-7% 3%-6% 3%-15%Average Profit Margin (earnings before interest and tax, %)10%-20% 15%-25% 10%-20% 2%-10% 10%-30%15%-25%SOURCE: McKinsey Analysis, GMP, Euromonitor,
  6. 6. Young Living is unique because we infuse the optimum amount of essential oilsinto each of our products to enhance their performance.FunctionalNutritionPersonalHealthcareBeautySegmentHygieneSegmentConsumerDevicesServices /InformationNingXia Red A-R-TSkin CareAge RefiningTechnologyDental Hygiene Raindrop TechniqueEmotional ClearingTechnique(Using YLEssential Oils)Education DVD’sBooklets, CD’sEssential OilDiffusers(Using YLEssential Oils)Household ProductsPersonal Care Range( for kids & adults)Slique WeightManagement Range• Anti-Aging• Skin repair andrejuvenation• Cleanse, tone,moisturiseToothpaste,Mouthwash,Dental Floss,Antiseptic andFirst Aid OptionsNutritionalSupplement RangeYoung Living operates in all … of these market sectorsProtein Powdersand BarsShampoo,Conditioner,Soaps,Bath & Shower Gels,Deodorant,Massage Oils
  7. 7. • Essential oils are highly concentratedaromatic liquids derived from shrubs,flowers, trees, roots, bushes, herbs, andseeds.• These liquids defend plants from insects,harsh environmental conditions and disease.• These natural defensive mechanisms havebeen used since ancient times for theirpreventative and health-giving properties.What are Essential Oils?
  8. 8. What are essential oils used for?• Essential oils are used in flavouringfoods and drinks and other productssuch as perfumes, cosmetics andsoaps• They are also used for adding scentsto household cleaning products• Young Living products go beyondbeing simply ‘green’ and ‘natural’to providing real preventative andhealth benefits
  9. 9. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy for the purpose of alteringa person’s mind, mood, cognitive function or health.2. Aerial diffusion:for environmentalfragrance oraerial disinfection.1. Direct inhalation:for respiratory disinfection,decongestion, expectorationas well as psychological effects.3. Topical applications:for general massage, baths,compresses andtherapeutic skin care.
  10. 10. • Young Living owns its own farms allaround the world and co-ops with 20other farms as part of our innovationand risk management strategy.Quality is Paramount• The intimate knowledge gained fromrunning our own farms, laboratoriesand distilleries, means that we knowexactly what standards to accept orreject from partner companies.• Our quality assurance program iscalled the ‘Seed to Seal™’ process.
  11. 11. Seed to Seal™SEED CULTIVATE DISTILTEST SEALWorld standard purity, potency and qualityto deliver products that work.
  12. 12. • Are the gold standard for purity, potencyand quality• Act at a cellular level to improve yourhealth and wellness• Make all other products work betterwhen infused into the mix• Supports both physical and emotionalwellbeing• Nothing is added and nothing is taken awayYoung Living’sTherapeutic-Grade™Essential Oils …
  13. 13. Young Living has literallyhundreds of essential oils tochoose from, with over 60blends and more than 70single oils.Each essential oil has apurpose for you;… experiment, discover,learn, benefit and enjoyYoung LivingTherapeutic GradeEssential Oils™
  14. 14. Functional NutritionLong Lasting EnergyWith Natural IngredientsRevitalising andTotal Body ProtectionFrom AntioxidantsAgility and LongevityNormal Cellular andImmune FunctionHealthy Jointsand MusclesHelps NormalEye Health
  15. 15. 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000Ningxia WolfberryPomegranatesBlueberriesBlackberriesStrawberriesSpinachBrussel SproutsBeetsOrangesOnionCarrotsmTE/100gram. Data from BrunswickLaboratories, Wareham, MANingxia Wolfberry – Highest Antioxidant Score
  16. 16. High Level of Antioxidants Saves You MoneyNingXia Red has the highest level of antioxidants out of allthe super fruits with a score of 30,000 mTE/100gram.** Data from Brunswick Laboratories, Wareham, MA= 146= 45,628= 118= 98= 44= 186= 200= 1,62860 ml
  17. 17. Nutritional SupplementsMentalAcuity, Eye,Joint HealthSkinHealingProcessStrongTeethandBonesGeneratesCellularPowerPlantsHeartKidneysLiverYoungHealthySkinOMEGA-3CoQ10VITAMIN D-3
  18. 18. Skin & Personal Care
  19. 19. ART Skin CareAge Refining Technology• Promotes superior skin recovery andreduces premature ageing of the skin.This is achieved with two innovativeenzymes and a proprietary blend of pureessential oils.• Reduces the look of fine lines, wrinklesand age spots by enhancing the productionof collagen and elastin, and retainingmoisture in the skin.• Advanced delivery technology ensuresyour skin is getting the maximum benefitthrough a more effective application.
  20. 20. Household Products
  21. 21. Transfer Your Current Expenditure for Household Health and Wellness21 products 23 products4 products8 products12 products6 products 12 products24 products
  22. 22. Weight ManagementBALANCE COMPLETE™is FIBRE focussedPOWERMEAL™is PROTEIN focussedPowerful NutritiveEnergiser andCleanserAbsorbs Toxinsand FatsBalances BloodSugar LevelsLowers LDL CholesterolBulk Forming,Appetite SatietyAn Advanced VegetarianProtein Drink Mix, FreeFrom DAIRY ProductsProvidesBalanced Nutrition
  23. 23. Young Living has a ‘franchise-like’business development system designedto provide you withtime and money freedom.IntroducingYoung Living’s Social BusinessGenerating Personal Cash Flow
  24. 24. • It is easy to duplicate - you are the ‘masterfranchisor’ and you establish ‘franchisees’using our business development systems.• You are paid a % of all the ‘franchisees’you establish plus any ‘sub-franchises’they establish *• It is easy to understand and operate.• It is easy to teach others how to operate.• It is a scalable model, which means that itis designed to grow with your business.Our proven ‘franchise-like’ system is made upof people, customers and business* Conditions and criteria applyPEOPLEBUSINESSCUSTOMERSBUSINESSPEOPLEPEOPLE PEOPLE
  25. 25. Start-up costPhysical locationEmployeesNet profitHours/weekRisk factorIncome potentialVery lowHome/anywhereNoHigh % net profit*Choose your ownExtremely lowUnlimited$20,000 to $1 mil+Building/leaseYes8% to 15% average50 to 80 plus hoursHigh$70k to $180k ave.*Gross revenue close to net profit due to low expensesInvestment comparisonFranchiseCriteria
  26. 26. Young Living provides the Business Development Systems,Best-in-Class Products, Product Discovery Programs and Support……all YOU need todo is…PEOPLEBUSINESSCUSTOMERSBUSINESSPEOPLEPEOPLE PEOPLEThe Complete Business Package
  27. 27. Share and Earn…let’s explore what you canearn for sharing…PEOPLEBUSINESSCUSTOMERSBUSINESSPEOPLEPEOPLE PEOPLEProduct Discovery ProgramPublic PresentationsSocial MediaTalkTextEmail WebinarsSocial MediaBusiness Systems
  28. 28. A Powerful Reward and Recognition ProgramStart-upIncomeManagementIncomeSeniorExecutiveIncomeIncome TypeActivityLearn andDoDo andTeachTrain theTrainers$0to$2,000$2,000to$15,000$15,000to$100,000 +Monthly $ Reward *Phase123* Incomes vary depending on levelof skills, behaviours and effort.
  29. 29. What would that income mean for you?Giving back Family timeRetirement nest eggHolidays
  30. 30. Enjoy a Young Living Lifestyle!
  31. 31. Why not get started TODAYand enjoy a life ofwellness, purpose and abundance!
  32. 32. Purchase your Start Living Business Pack$ AUD 45.00Getting started is easy!Contents may vary from time to time
  33. 33. Getting started is easy!• Exclusive to Young Living business owners• Convenient automatic ordering system with deliverydirect to your doorstep, which saves you time and money• Discounts on shipping to save you more money• Exclusive income bonuses for Young Livingbusiness owners• Save money by accumulating Essential Reward Pointsto redeem against future Young Living purchases• FREE educational DVD’s / CD’sReceive amazing benefits;Register for our Essential Rewards Program
  34. 34. Getting started is easy!• Our Orientation Meeting is designed to ensurethat you get off to a good start and withconfidence.• Our goal is to show you how you can get yourown products paid for within your first week ofbusiness• Learn simple strategies on how to multiply yourincome without working extra hours• Learn how to run Young Living’s businessdevelopment systemsSet Yourself Up For Success;Attend Orientation to set you up for SUCCESS
  35. 35. It’s Your Choice!Come and have some funand take the path ofwellness, purpose and abundance.Contact the person who shared thispresentation with you and theywill help you get started.