Velocity's CMI Orange Awards entry 2012


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This is our entry for the CMI Orange Awards 2012. We hope we win it because we'd be passionate ambassadors for the content marketing discipline (and we look fab in a tiara).

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Velocity's CMI Orange Awards entry 2012

  3. 3. FOR THE
  4. 4. Okay,Let’s do this thing.
  5. 5. Velocity is aB2B contentmarketing agency. It’s what we do. It’s who we are.
  6. 6. We’ve beenevangelisingcontent marketingfor years. And, until recently, it was a bloody lonely thing to do.
  7. 7. We’ve alwayspracticed whatwe preach. With our own content marketing program that’s helped us grow more than 50% a year for the last 3 years. And next year is looking pretty damn good, too.
  8. 8. Back in 2008,we published…
  9. 9. A primer for B2B marketers(and a bunch of spin-offs from it).
  10. 10. And it worked. • Put us on the map • 4,000 plus downloads • Major Google juice • Andlots of new business
  11. 11. In 2010, we came outwith a raving, frothingdiatribe against thereactionary forces of‘old-school’ B2Bmarketing, called…
  12. 12. It was our first experiment with psychographic targeting.
  13. 13. We marketed theManifesto throughsocialmedia, email, ourblog, webinars andonline PR.
  14. 14. And we reported on the entirecampaign, warts and all, in aseries of 14 blog posts calledProject Open Kimono.
  15. 15. Hey, this content marketing stuff really works!The Manifesto and all it’s spin-offschanged our world.
  16. 16. In about 2 months,we’d killed most of our 12-month goals…
  17. 17. This year, ascontent marketinggoesmainstream, we’retargeting a bitfurther down thefunnel, with…
  18. 18. But enough about us.We also managed tosqueeze in someseriously effectivecontent marketing forclients along the way.
  19. 19. In the past 12 monthswe’ve done work we’re reallyproud of for clients such asSalesforce.comExpedia Affiliate NetworkMarketoEconsultancyReevooValueClick…
  20. 20. For over here in Europe,we did the content strategy for a newcontent-packed microsite calledSocial Success…
  21. 21. Then filled the site with really good contentProducing 36 pieces in just 8 weeks.
  22. 22. Rich, varied, targeted content
  23. 23. Including… Original Curated Collaborative Legacy
  24. 24. Just a few weeks ago, we produced this Prezi… A zooming, swooping, interactive story…
  25. 25. The Social Success site broughttogether the Big 3 of B2B… Search Social Outbound
  26. 26. With content at the very heart. Search Social Content Outbound
  27. 27. In the first 3 months,the results were massive• Traffic for January up 80% vs year ago• Traffic from social sites +2500%• First year targets achieved in <3 months• 6,500 newsletter sign-ups• 10,000 eBook downloads (with data capture)Source: the client’s blog post on SEOmoz
  28. 28. In short,we love contentand what it cando for our clients.
  29. 29. We loveeBooks
  30. 30. And we’rereally, really bigon video. A Pythonesque piece for a fund manager A stop-motion film for an eMarketplace A ‘kinetic type’ video
  31. 31. Here’s one we didfor Marketo…
  32. 32. So where arewe going withall of this?
  33. 33. We’re becoming anentirely new kind ofcontent marketingagency.
  34. 34. One that combines: Strategy Search Analytics Content Social Sales Alignment Outbound Marketing Automation
  35. 35. Into complete, ongoingcontent marketingprograms that driverevenue and can prove it.
  36. 36. Producers Writers Planners Account PeopleIt’s a hugely exciting rideand we’re building anamazing team to enjoy itwith. Analysts Marketing Automation Pros Designers EditorsConsultants Coders Program Managers
  37. 37. We’re big believers inThe Virtuous Circle. That says great work attracts great people who do great work that attracts great clients who want great work which attracts great people who… (you get the idea)
  38. 38. So…Mark, Todd, Jonathan, Shaku, Michael,Rick, Darryl andPam…
  41. 41. FOR THE
  42. 42.