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Using Twitter in B2B Marketing



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Twitter for B2B
Twitter for B2B
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Using Twitter in B2B Marketing

  1. Twitter for B2B Marketing Fad or Function? 9 March 2009
  2. The Twitter bandwagon
  3. What’s it for? And how can you put it to work?
  4. 7 ways to use twitter today
  5. Use twitter to listen. 1 Hear the conversations of your most relevant communities
  6. Use twitter to ‘pimp’ your content. 2 • Let your followers know • Ask for Re-tweets • Invite feedback
  7. Use twitter to ask questions 3 Quick insights from knowledgeable people.
  8. Use twitter to extend your network. 4 New prospects, job candidates, partners, referrers…
  9. Use twitter to fertilize your existing network. 5 Keep in touch Re-tweet their tweets Reply and comment
  10. Use twitter to spread ‘Link Love’. 6 Every little backlink helps…
  11. Use twitter to help your clients do all of the above. 7 Listen, pimp content, ask questions, and network on their behalf.
  12. Do you follow? listen pimp link network help socialize extend ask promote
  13. About us Velocity is a B2B marketing agency with a fresh spin on digital marketing, including social media, online pr, demand generation, lead nurturing and any new things that come along that can help tech companies break through, get heard, generate leads and win business.

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