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TWID US Sales FEB 2015


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Doug Hall of MarketStretch is working with TWID, which helps coaches, consultants, nutritionists and physical trainers monetize their knowledge,

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TWID US Sales FEB 2015

  1. 1. TURNYOUR EXPERTISE INTO MONEY withTWID online service
  2. 2. WHAT ISTWID? TWID is online software designed to turn expertise into revenue. WithTWID, experts can market, provide and promote interesting online content.
  3. 3. LET USTELLYOU A SECRET… Traditional consulting and coaching do not scale well One-to-one service delivery is limited by location and time.
  4. 4. WHY SO SAD?WE HAVE A SOLUTION Package your expertise into digital products and materials, so that clients can purchase it – no limitations of location or time. Market your services to 1,000,000 clients – and your revenues increase as your client base grows.
  6. 6. WHAT EXPERTISE? DO I HAVETHAT? We think you do! Any expert who has deep industry knowledge of a specific topic can do this.You already have market and product. TWID is the solution for success coaches, nutrition experts, personal trainers, pet specialists, interior designers, keynote speakers, published authors…
  7. 7. SOUNDS AWESOME! HOW AREWE DOINGTHIS? Our mission is to turn your passion into profit and we will deliver it by providing an easy-to-use and cohesive online software that is custom designed for your needs.
  8. 8. SO,WHAT DOESTWID OFFER? TWID the software • Turn-key online service for businesses • Includes software, servers, databases, backups and maintenance • An online page, shop, service & community in one • Enables you to serve a significant number of clients simultaneously • Possible to sell various types of products and online materials • Limitless number of user or group specific content and discussion forums • Customer support available via email and Skype TWID the company • All the services are custom designed according to your brand’s look and need by our design team • You are not alone! Our online business experts have 5 years of experience and over 100 successful online services behind us • Support center for US customers
  10. 10. CASE FITFARM Fitfarm has turned online fitness coaching into a huge success story. Fitfarm has grown from 10k registered users to over 120k users while usingTWID the past 3 years. In year 2013, they earned over 3 million in revenue – most gained from the online service. Visit to view her site.
  11. 11. CASE STUDY FITFARM TWID Offering • Training shcedules and programs • Diet instructions • How-to videos • Discussion forums • Online support • Blogs on the topic • Additional physical products and services Online content Available • PDFs • Embedded videos • Embeddded music • Embedded audios • Discussion forums • Groups for various programs
  12. 12. CASE FINANCIAL COACHING Terhi is a famous Finnish TV-show host, online personality and financial advisor. She created an online community for women to share and educate every- day financial advice by providing online materials.
  13. 13. CASE FINANCIAL COACHING • Service launched in November 2014 • Offering 6 and 12 month membership for $60 and $110 respectively • Enjoying huge market demand as women joined en masse within the 1st month • Immediate 200 % return on investment • A stable growth since launchingTWID
  14. 14. How much does it cost • We are currently working up pricing for the US Market. • How much is it worth to you to turn your knowledge into an online business that allows you to do what you love? For detailed pricing in Europe:
  15. 15. Some TWID customer sites First US TWID customer in Texas Sales School, Finland Fitfarm, Jutta’s training and diet online training + 100 others
  16. 16. More info Doug Hall Silicon Valley Rep Tel. 1.408.355.8368 Twid Site:
  17. 17. More info Jari Kaitera Founder & Chairman Tel. +358 40 9635120 LinkedInistä
  18. 18. More info Petri Salonen US Liaison for TWID HDQ