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Crexendo Cloud Communications


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Crexendo's Cloud Communications Hosted Telecom Solutions

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Crexendo Cloud Communications

  1. 1. Presentation byDoug Gaylor
  2. 2. Everything Is Moving To The Cloud!• Infonetics Research Predicts A Cumulative $377 Billion To Be Spent On Business and SOHO VOIP Services Between 2012 and 2016• Infonetics Research Estimates the Cloud/VOIP Services Market to Grow to $76 Billion by 2015• Revenue From SIP Voice Services Forecasted to Grow 52% Annually From 2011 to 2015• There Has Been a 487% Increase In Average Bandwidth Availability in The Last Two Years• Enterprise CPE Telephony Shipments are Declining at a Sharp Rate as Business Move to the CloudSummary: SMB’s and Enterprises are Evaluating Their Cost Savings and Efficiencies Gained by Moving To CloudCommunications in a Market Shift That Will Be Permanent.
  3. 3. Old Model vs. Today Traditional Communications Cloud VOIP Communications Data CLOUD Circuits LocalCircuits Internet Broadband PBX NETWORK Circuit ROUTERCost Areas Cost Areas• LocalDial Tone $$ • Data Lines $$ • Phone/Devices $• Long Distance $$ • Internet Service $$ • Internet Service $$• Phone System $$$ • Cabling Cost $$ • Router/Cabling $• Maintenance – Per Trip $$
  4. 4. Benefits of Cloud Communications• Work Productivity – Work Anywhere• IT Efficiency and Minimal IT Support• Lower Cost of Ownership / Cost Savings – Less Expensive Network Options – No Domestic Long Distance Charges – No Dial Tone Expense – No Phone System and Phone Maintenance Costs – Significant Savings on International Roaming Cell $• Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery• Automatic Software Upgrades
  5. 5. Additional Benefits of Cloud Communications• Geographic Independence – 4 Digit Extension Dialing to Any Location or Phone Anywhere• Self Service – No Need for Maintenance or Costly Service and Support• Easy To Use Business Rich Feature Set• No Cap Ex or Costly Start Up Costs• Intuitive Interfaces• Speed to Deploy
  6. 6. Building Your Telecommunications Cloud with CrexendoWorld-Class Products:
  7. 7. Building Your Telecommunications Cloud with CrexendoIntuitive Web Interface:• Visual dashboard for Voicemail, messages, email, and inbound fax.• Visually manage your device, call routing, teams, and status. Network all of your devices with the click of your mouse!
  8. 8. Building Your Telecommunications Cloud with CrexendoSetup, Maintenance & Self-Service Made Easy!! Call Log300 Phone Management Status
  9. 9. Building Your Telecommunications Cloud with CrexendoCrexendo Mobile (CrexMo ™):• iPhone and Android Compatible.• Free International Roaming Calls Back to the U.S.• Take Your Desktop Phone On the Road with CrexMo™ Virtual Extensions.• Use All of the Functions of Your Desktop Phone on Your Mobile Device.• Syncs Directly With Your Crexendo User Portal for Easy Setup/ Programming.
  10. 10. Building Your Telecommunications Cloud with CrexendoCrexendo Network Services:• Broadband• Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)• Flexible T-1• Internet Access• T-1• Web Services• EOC• Cable• Cloud VoIP Services - DID Services - Local Services - Toll-Free/800 Services - Dedicated Long Distance
  11. 11. Crexendo Digital Telecom - Training and Support Crexendo Data Center Best Practices: • Highest security levels • PCI compliance • Nightly site backups and offsite tape rotation • High performance bandwidth • 9-level network redundancy • 24x7 interior and exterior surveillance • N+1 redundant UPS power backup • On site diesel generators • Advanced fire suppression systems • Redundant fiber entry points • Certified engineers and security professionals on staff Crexendo partners include: Apache, Dell, Google, Redhat, F5 Networks, Oracle Database, Linux, Microsoft AdCenter, Perpetual Storage Inc, Sun Microsystems, Verisign, and Scan Alert are a few. Crexendo Support: • Available 24x7 • Admin and User Training • Assist with provisioning and implementation