Build Organizational Value Using Low-Cost Social Media - Triple Play Convention 2009 #TP09


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Build Organization Value –at the Triple Play Convention 2009 in Atlantic City which was hosted by the New York State Association of REALTORS®, Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®, and the New Jersey Association of REALTORS®. This session demonstrates examples of REALTOR® Associations and how they can re-interpret their value based on new forms of communication, marketing, and advertising which have no or low cost.

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  • Please read Appendix G Photos for Social Media before beginning this module

    Flickr is one of the most popular social networking site for sharing photos online. It works with many of the other social media sites like WordPress, Facebook, Feedburner, and has the RSS feature to make photos appear on any website of your choice.

    There are many different ways to use Flickr included below but not limited to the following:
    Create profile that people can get to know you and your style of photos that you upload online.
    Upload photos into one convenient online location.
    Add titles, tags and descriptions so that photos can be found quicker online.
    Batch and organize photos into groups quickly.
    Create photo sets or albums to share with others.
    Share photos with other social media sites using RSS feed for photos sets.
  • Share videos with the world.  Create your own television channel for FREE with a username, password, and email address.  Add video tours of neighborhoods, listings, and attractions.  Produce videos that generate interest that members will want to subscribe to on a regular basis.  These may include live conferences, testimonials from members, or classroom instruction.
  • You must be logged into your account to upload videos. Videos have a maximum time limit of 10 minutes and no more than 1GB of file space.

    Upload videos to your account in a few simple steps:

    Choose upload on the upper right side of the screen.
    Choose browser for video. This is similar to inserting a picture into the MLS. Note that it is best to create a folder in My Documents called My Videos if none exists. Select the video and press OK.
    Choose upload video
    While the video is loading add additional information about the video.
    Title must clearly identify the purpose of the video and include key words when people search for the video.
    Write a description that defines the purpose of the video and why others should watch it.
    Add tags or keywords to each video that define the purpose of the video

    Note the tags should include key words from the title and first few lines in the description. This will help the videos rankings in the search of videos similar to these key words.
  • Once the videos have been uploaded to YouTube then each video will contain two different windows to share your videos with the world.

    URL – Each video automatically creates its own link that can be included in email marketing blogs or websites. Once the link is clicked on then a new browser will open and will play the video while including other related videos to preview on the side. Click on as an example. This is the easiest way to share videos but has its own limitations.

    After the video is played other videos with similar titles and keywords will show afterwards distracting or confusing the viewer.
    On the right side of the screen others can see related videos with similar titles and keywords will show afterwards distracting or confusing the viewer.
  • SlideShare is an online community of sharing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and other documents with the world. Individuals will upload their presentations, view other, make comments, send messages and form groups to help one another gain knowledge on subject matter.

    SlideShare allows you to create a profile, upload presentations, and then give you additional options to embed into your website or blog. Sharing information will position yourself as the expert in your marketplace as others will be able to see your content in many locations online.
  • Once you have created a profile on SlideShare you can now begin uploading Microsoft PowerPoint and other documents to your profile.

    Here are the steps:

    At the top middle of the screen click the Upload link
    Browse your computer for
  • Each slideshow or document that you upload to Slideshare can be reviewed under My Slideshows. Here you can quickly see the following:

    Name of presentation
    When presentation was uploaded
    How many have viewed
    Number of comments

    My Slideshows is a good place to track online activity and see which presentations were the most favorite.
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