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Banff Western Connection - Marketing With Video


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This presentation was used for the Banff Western Connection 2011. Save time answering asked questions without having to write out all of the answers. In this session Doug will deliver the "how-to" in addition to the why video is the simplest form of online communication. Record, edit, and publish your way to proven success by creating videos your clients will welcome, watch, and want to share with your friends.

As a result of attending this session you will be able to:

1. Build an online video content management system to store your video marketing modules.
2. Create viral videos using affordable technology that educate clients online.
3. Share your videos with the most amount of people with the least amount of time with the fewest hassles.

Published in: Real Estate, Business, Travel
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Banff Western Connection - Marketing With Video

  1. 1. Marketing With Video @DougDevitre
  2. 2. Share, Don’t SellShare your experiencesShare your expertiseShare your photosShare your videosShare your businessShare your personal life
  3. 3. Baby Dante Was Born
  4. 4. Video
  5. 5. Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera• HD 1080• SD Card• Mic jack• Still pictures
  6. 6. FREE Zi8 Giveaway DougsSecret
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Share on YouTube
  9. 9. PalaceProperties
  10. 10. MoveWithDoug
  11. 11. YouTube Playlists• Video Tours• Neighborhood videos• Video testimonials• Screen capture videos• Live events• Mobile uploads• Personal
  12. 12. Playlist Views Grid View vs. Player View movewithdoug#g/p movewithdoug#p/p Every video is assigned its own hyperlink. Every playlist is assigned its own hyperlink.
  13. 13. Share YouTube Videos
  14. 14. Copy PasteCTRL-C CTRL-V
  15. 15. YouTube Code
  16. 16. YouTube Code
  17. 17. YouTube Video in Blog
  18. 18. on iPhone
  19. 19. Skype
  20. 20. Ways to Use Skype• Find contacts• Skype chat• Skype phone call• Skype video call• Video screen share• Video interviews
  21. 21. Find International Contacts
  22. 22. What is Missing from Profile?
  23. 23. Skype Video Options• Video call• Multiple participants• Video screen share• Video interviews posted to YouTube
  24. 24. callrecorder/
  25. 25. More Resources•••••
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Follow me @DougDevitre