Social sciences


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Social sciences

  1. 1. The Social SciencesDanette Griffith & Mark SchoenherrCAS Undergraduate
  2. 2. Majors• Anthropology• Criminal Justice Studies• Economics Geography History Political Science• Social Work• Sociology Teacher Certification Program optionincludes Social Sciences Education minorAll Social Sciences majorscomplete a Senior Assignmentor Senior
  3. 3. Degree Paths• Bachelor of Arts• Bachelor of Science• Bachelor of Social Work―I don’t sing because I’m happy;I’m happy because I sing.‖— William
  4. 4. The Magic Number• Earning a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences requires124* credit hours of course work• Most Social Sciences majors require a minor• All Social Science majors* can incorporate a secondmajor in place of the minor*excluding Teacher Education―If the only tool you have is a hammer,you tend to see every problem as a nail.‖— Abraham Maslow
  5. 5. Anthropologythe study of human biology and culture, past and present• Majors studyBiological, Cultural, Linguisticand ArchaeologyAnthropology• Recommended first-yearcourses:– ANTH 111A – HumanAncestry & Adaptations– ANTH 111B – HumanCulture & Communication―The purpose of anthropologyis to make the world safe forhuman differences.‖— Ruth
  6. 6. Criminal Justicethe study of crime and punishment• Competitive admission program– Enter Pre-CJ Program– Complete Pre-CJ courses withgrades of C or higher– Earn a GPA of 2.75 or higher• Recommended first year courses– CJ 111 – Intro to Criminal Justice– SOC 111 – Intro to Sociology– POLS 112 – American NationalGovernment• Majors complete an internship in CJPolice ChiefAugust VollmerChief JusticeEarl
  7. 7. Economicsthe study of how we produce, distribute, and consume goods and services• Majors complete course work incommon with Economics andFinance major through School ofBusiness• Recommended first-year courses– ECON 111 – Principles ofMacroeconomics– MATH 120 – College
  8. 8. Geographythe study of the relationship between humans and the environment• All majors study Cartography; andHuman, Physical, and Regional Geography– Additional Areas of Specialization include:• Biogeography• Climatology/Meteorology• Cultural Geography• Developmental Studies• Urban Studies• Recommended first-year courses– GEOG 201 - World Regions– GEOG 205 - Human Geography– GEOG 210 - Physical Geography– MATH 120 - College Algebra– STAT 107 - Concepts of Statistics―Everything is related toeverything else, but nearthings are more related toeach other.‖– Waldo
  9. 9. Historythe study of the human past• Department suggests concentrated study of aforeign language, i.e. a secondmajor, minor, or focus• Recommended first-year courses– Europe/World History• HIST 111A – Intro to History of Western Civilization: 1500–1815• HIST 111B – Intro to History of Western Civilization: 1815–Present• HIST 112A – World History: to 1500• HIST 112B – World History: 1500–Present– United States History• HIST 130 – History of Black America• HIST 200 – U.S. History & Constitution: to 1877• HIST 201 – U.S. History & Constitution: 1877–Present―Those who cannotremember the past arecondemned to repeat it.‖— George
  10. 10. Political Sciencethe study of the relationships underlying political events and conditions• Subfields include– American Government & Politics– Comparative Politics– International Relations– Political Theory– Public Administration– Public Law• Recommended first-year courses– POLS 111 – Intro to Political Science– POLS 112 – American National GovernmentHans Morgenthau (1904 –1980)a leading 20th-century figure inthe study of international
  11. 11. Social Workthe study of helping those in need of help or welfare improve the quality of life• Highly structured program• Recommended first-year courses– ANTH 111B – Human Culture & Communication– BIOL 111 – Contemporary Biology– ECON 111 – Principles of Macroeconomics– PSYC 111 – Foundations of Psychology– SPC 103 – Interpersonal Communication– STAT 107 – Concepts of Statistics• Students earning BSW in Social Work atSIUE can earn a MSW at SIUE in 1 year• No Social Work minor is availableJane
  12. 12. Sociologythe study of human social activity• Two types of Sociology degrees:– General Sociology– Specialization in Employment Relations• Recommended first-year courses– SOC 111 – Intro to Sociology―The cost of liberty is lessthan the price of repression.‖– W.E.B. DuBois―Despite long-standing claims by elites that Blacks, women, Latinos, and other similarlyderogated groups in the United States remain incapable of producing the type ofinterpretive, analytical thought that is labeled theory in the West, powerful knowledge ofresistance that toppled former social structures of social inequality repudiate this view.Members of these groups do in fact theorize, and our critical social theory has been centralto our political empowerment and search for justice.‖– Patricia Hill
  13. 13. With all theseexciting socialsciencemajors, how can Ipossibly choosejust one?Rodin’s Thinking
  14. 14. Resources• CAS Undergraduate Advisors– Danette Griffith:– Mark Schoenherr:• Curriculum Guide– Declaration requirements– Departmental contact information– Sequences within program• CougarNet– Course descriptions– Prerequisites• Department websites―Well done isbetter than well said.‖– Benjamin FranklinCollege of Arts & SciencesUndergraduate AdvisingPeck Hall 1315(618)