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Natural sciences & mathematics


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Natural sciences & mathematics

  1. 1. Natural Sciences and MathematicsBreakout SessionPresented by:Brandi Hudson, Carol Garrisonand Sha’Donna
  2. 2. Degree Options at SIUEin Natural Sciences and Mathematicssiue.eduBiologyChemistryEarth/Space SciencesMathematicsPhysics
  3. 3. Ecology, Evolution & Environment (BIOE)Genetics and Cellular BIOL (BIOG)Integrative BIOL (BIOI)Medical Sciences (BIOM)Biological Sciences Education (BIOL)Medical Technology (BIOT)Biology Minor = 19 hoursBiology Concentrations at
  4. 4. You should have an interest in the natural sciences and mathematics2.0 GPA requirement to declare a biology major2.5 GPA requirement for admittance into the School of Educationteacher certification program3.0 GPA and completion of PHYS 132 & 132L are prerequisites forBIOL 340 (Physiology), within the Medical Science concentrationAll core biology courses require a C grade or better (150, 151, 220)No more than 4 hours of a D may be counted in the 38 hours requiredfor the majorAll biology concentrations require a total of 38 major credit hoursBiology
  5. 5. Biology Career OpportunitiesBotany Dentistry ZoologyEcology Education ForestryEnvironmental Fishery GovernmentGenetics Immunology ChiropracticMedicine Medical Tech. PharmacyMicrobiology Molecular ResearchPhysiology Wildlife OptometryVeterinary Podiatry OsteopathicNutrition Occupational/Physical
  6. 6. Chemistry Concentrations at SIUEChemistry (BA/BS)ACS* Chemistry (BS)Biochemistry (BA)ACS* Biochemistry (BS)Chemistry Education (BS)Medical Sciences (BA)Forensic Sciences (BA/BS)Chemistry Minor = 24 hours* American Chemical Society
  7. 7. Chemistry Requirements2.5 GPA to declare a chemistry major (if an SIUE student)2.5 GPA requirement for admittance into the School ofEducation teacher certification program3+2 Program: Earning your B.S. and M.S. in chemistry in 5years (must have exceptional academic credentials).All chemistry concentrations require a total of 42-44 majorcredit
  8. 8. Chemistry Career OpportunitiesAgriculture AnalyticalBiochemistry BiotechnologyCatalysis EducationEngineering SalesEnvironmental Food/FlavorHazardous Waste Mgmt. MedicineOil/Petroleum PhysicalPulp/Paper
  9. 9. Mathematics Concentrations at SIUEActuarial ScienceApplied MathematicsMathematics – Secondary EducationStatisticsMathematical SciencesMathematics Minor = 19 hoursStatistics Minor = 19 hoursMathematics Education Minor = 20
  10. 10. Mathematics Requirements2.0 GPA is required to declare a mathematicsmajor2.5 GPA is required for admittance into theSchool of Education teacher certificationprogramAll mathematics concentrations require32 major
  11. 11. Mathematics Career OpportunitiesMathematician Numerical AnalysisActuarial GovernmentComputer Science ResearchStatistician
  12. 12. Physics Concentrations at SIUEPHYSICS (BS)Earth Space Science Education (BS)Physics Minor = 20
  13. 13. Physics Requirements2.0 GPA is required to declare aPhysics major2.5 GPA requirement for admittanceinto the School of Education teachercertification
  14. 14. Physics Career OpportunitiesPhysicist Electro-opticsRadiation Damage AstronomyResearch EducationMedicineIndustrial/National
  15. 15. University RequirementsTo earn a degree at SIUE, a minimum of 124credit hours must be earned.60 hours must be completed at a 4-yearinstitution30 hours must be completed at SIUEStudents typically take an average of 15credit hours/semester to graduate in 4
  16. 16. Pre-Health Professions at SIUEPre-health professional students can major in any areaof study. Students must complete the prerequisitesrequired for the specific professional program.You will work closely with your academic advisor toprepare you for entry into your specific professionalprogram.It is highly recommended that pre-health studentscomplete their prerequisite biology, chemistry, physicsand math courses at a 4-year institution.Other recommendations: shadowing, volunteering,practice tests, mock interviewing, internships,
  17. 17. Pre-Health ProfessionsAverage GPA = 3.6Average hours/semester = >15Average National Test Scores for Accepted Students: DAT = 19 MCAT = 30 PCAT = 78, Writing Subtest mean = 3.84 Pre-Health students are highly encouraged to take recommended/additional coursework for their specific program (microbiology, immunology, anatomy & physiology,virology, etc.) Your advisor will help you choose general education courses that are related to yourmajor. Get involved in student organizations: Pre-Medical Club, Pre-Dental Club,Pre-Pharmacy Club, Biology Club, Chemistry Club, Biolist,
  18. 18. Tutoring OpportunitiesThe Chemistry Department offers tutoring for all levels ofchemistry. Contact the Department at (618) 650-2042 for details.The Biology Department offers supplemental instruction formany sections of biology. Please call the Deptartment at (618)650-3927 for details.Instructional Services offers tutoring in their Math Lab, SSC1256. More information is available at students may have additional tutoring options; pleasecontact Dr. Earleen Patterson at (618) 650-3790 for
  19. 19. Contact InformationCollege of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate AdvisingPeck Hall 1315(618) Hudson, Academic Advisor: bhudson@siue.eduCarol Garrison, Academic Advisor: cgarris@siue.eduSha’Donna Woods, Academic Advisor: