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Instructional services


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Instructional services

  1. 1. Helping the underprepared prepare,the prepared advance,and the advanced excel.Instructional
  2. 2. THE WRITING CENTER• Provides individualized assistance to studentsduring all stages of the writing process• Stresses revision and reader feedback• Develops students’proofreading and editingskills• Furnishes handouts on various aspects ofwriting and grammar, including style guides(APA, MLA, Turabian, etc.)
  3. 3. THE MATH RESOURCE AREA• Welcomes students on a walk-in basis• Provides tutoring for developmental andcredit-bearing math courses through Calculus 1• Instructs individuals and small groups• Provides math-related handouts, as well ascalculators for checkout and solution manualsfor math
  4. 4. • Facilitates one-on-one sessions to improve speechdelivery• Aids in the development of speech outlines andcontent• Records presentations and offers constructivefeedback• Provides handouts and assistance with PowerPointTHE SPEECH
  5. 5. GENERAL TUTORING• Located in the Math Resource Area• No appointment necessary (walk-in service)• Provided mainly for science and businessclasses, including Chemistry, Biology,Physics, MS 250, and MS
  6. 6. SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTION (S.I.)• Provides academic support for students in historically difficultcourses• Peer tutors lead weekly group study sessions that integratehow to learn with what to learn• SI students’ grades generally exceed the class average• Targeted classes include Organic Chemistry, NursingChemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Social ResearchMethods, Business Math, and Business
  7. 7. TESTING SERVICES• Placement Tests• CLEP Tests• Proficiency Exams• Nursing Tests (admission testand standardized tests onceadmitted)
  8. 8. DEVELOPMENTAL COURSESDevelopmental Writing CoursesBasic Writing I (AD 090)Basic Writing II (AD 092)Developmental Reading CoursesCollege Reading I (AD 080)College Reading II (AD 082)Developmental Math CoursesBeginning Algebra (AD 070)Intermediate Algebra (AD 095)
  9. 9. CREDIT COURSESStudy Skills (AD 115 – 2 credits)Speed Reading (AD 116 – 2 credits)Career Planning (AD 117 – 2 credits)Writing Lab (ENG 100[G] or 100[R] – 1 credit)
  10. 10. Inside theAcademic Advancement Centerin the Student Success open the door, but you must enter by yourself. – Chinese ProverbINSTRUCTIONAL