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Fine arts & humanities springboard presentation

  1. 1. FINE ARTS & HUMANITIES:A Brief OverviewCollege of Arts and Science AdvisingPresented byLeslie Daugherty, Kathy Bettes & Logan
  2. 2. MAJORS• Art• English• Foreign Languages and Literature• Mass Communications• Music• Philosophy• Speech Communication• Theater and
  3. 3. ART• Art & Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts)• Art Education [grades K-12], (Bachelor ofScience)• Art History (Bachelor of Arts)• Studio Art (Bachelor of Arts)• Possibility of taking art classes 1st semester• 124-137 semester hours to
  4. 4. ENGLISH• English (BA)– Minor required– 124 semester hours to graduate• Secondary Ed Certification (BA)– Encompasses Grades 9-12 (2 additional educationcourses required to teach middle school, grades 6-8)– Required Speech Communication Education minor– Satisfactorily complete Intro to Education course– Pass ICTS (IL Certification Testing System) Test ofAcademic Proficiency (TAP) or 22 composite on ACT– 129 semester hours to
  5. 5. FOREIGN LANGUAGES• French (BA)• German (BA)• Spanish (BA)• Secondary Education Certification (K-12)available in any of above-listed languages• 124 semester hours to
  6. 6. MASS COMMUNICATIONS• Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science– Departmental recommendation = BA• Possibility of taking MC 201 first semester• Professional Options:– Television/Radio– Print & Electronic Journalism– Media Advertising– Corporate & Institutional
  7. 7. MASS COMM cont’d• Minor required• 124 semester hours to
  8. 8. MUSIC• Music (BA) - Requires a minor!• Instrumental Performance (Bachelor ofMusic)• Jazz Performance (BM)• Music Education [Instrumental or Voice](BM)• Music History/Literature (BA)• Music Business (BM)• Musical Theater (BM)
  9. 9. MUSIC cont’d• Piano Performance (BM)• Theory and Composition (BM)• Voice Performance (BM)• All music degrees require an audition andapproval by Music Dept. prior to enrollment inmusic courses counted toward major• Work closely w/Music Dept; fill in schedulew/courses towards general education• Hours needed to graduate vary;
  10. 10. PHILOSOPHY• Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science• RA 101, PHIL 207 or 213 required todeclare• Minor required• 124 semester hours to
  11. 11. SPEECH COMMUNICATION• Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science• Minor required• Must select Speech Track:– Corporate & Organizational Communication– Interpersonal Communication– Public Relations• 124 semester hours to
  12. 12. THEATER and DANCE• Dance Emphasis (BA or BS)• Design/Technical (BA or BS)• History/Literature/Criticism (BA)• Performance (BA or BS)• Secondary Education Certification [Grades 6-12](BA or BS)• Possibility of Thea/Dance class(es) 1st semester• 124-129 semester hours to
  13. 13. Secondary EducationSpecializations Secondary area of academic specialization– Usually 18-21 hours (6-7 classes)– Not all majors require a minor– Chosen from specific list of offerings: Art, English,Foreign Language, Music, Theater/
  14. 14. CAS Fine Arts and HumanitiesAdvising Staff• Kathy Bettes,• Leslie Daugherty,• Logan Link, 650-5525