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  1. 1. School of EducationSpringboard 2013
  2. 2. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Welcome to SIUE!• Introductions:• Advisors• Dean’s Dozen
  3. 3. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Majors Available• Early Childhood Education• Elementary Education• Special Education• Speech Pathology• Psychology• Health Education• Exercise SciencePlease review the program information in the SIUE catalog!Lots of detailed information is included.
  4. 4. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Teacher Licensure Programs• Early Childhood – license is changing, expected to be birththrough kindergarten.• Elementary – license is changing, expected to be grades 1-6• Special Education – license to teach kindergarten to grade 12• Secondary Education – license to teach grades 6-12 (someexceptions), changes to grade levels coming from the state
  5. 5. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Teacher Certification Programs• CI 200 in freshman year (SPE 100 for Special Ed)• Set up a file in SOE’s Student Services office after firstsemester of college work• Declare the major after meeting certainrequirements, including passing the Illinois Test of AcademicProficiency (formerly known as the Basic Skills Test) or ACTplus writing of 22 or higher• Apply to the program to finish the last 2 years. Applicationsare available January through April of the preceding year
  6. 6. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Secondary Education (Grades 6-12)Licensure available in following areas• Art (K-12 Certification)• English• Foreign Language: French, German, Spanish (K-12 Certification)• Mathematics• Music (K-12 Certification)• Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space Science• Social Sciences: Geography, History, Political Science• Theater
  7. 7. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Secondary Education• Take CI 200 in your freshman year.• Degree earned in major field of study.• Students should contact the College of Arts and Sciences foradvising and registration for their major field of study.• Students will work with an Education advisor to complete theprofessional education sequence towards the end of completingtheir major requirements.
  8. 8. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency(formerly known as the Basic Skills Test)~Teacher Education Students Only~• Sub-tests:• Reading Comprehension• Language Arts• Mathematics• Writing• 170 multiple choice questions (60 reading, 60 language artsand 50 math) plus a writing sample to be completed in 5 hours.• Cost is $125 to register.
  9. 9. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency~Teacher Education Students Only~• First-time pass rate is less than 30%• Limit of 5 attempts for this test• Pass all areas with 80% or higherStudents used to take test without studying.It has become much harder!
  10. 10. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency~Teacher Education Students Only~• ACT may be used in lieu of Test of Academic Proficiency• 22 or higher composite score• Taken within 10 years• Writing portion included
  11. 11. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Illinois Test of Academic ProficiencyPreparation Advice~Teacher Education Students Only~• Take the diagnostic test at• Review online study guides.• Take the test early in your college career as it is more closelytied to work completed in high school.• SIUE has a test preparation course.Contact SOE Student Servicesif you would like more information.
  12. 12. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Licensure~Teacher Education Students Only~• SOE Student Services advisors help students stay on track withlicensure requirements.• Only courses graded C or higher will count toward licensurerequirements (includes major, specified general education coursesand professional education coursework).• Completing a teacher education program at SIUE will lead tolicensure in the State of Illinois, which is transferrable to other states.
  13. 13. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Professional ProgramsMore than half our students are in professional programsthat do not lead to teacher licensure!• Speech Pathology• Psychology• Most popular major at SIUE!• Health Education• Exercise Science
  14. 14. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Speech Pathology• Take SPPA 201 in your sophomore year (after 42 hours).• Competitive application process required to declare major.• Career options available for students with a Bachelor’s degreeinclude speech aide, speech assistant, or speech implementer.• Licensure/Certification upon completion of Master’s degree• SIUE offers the Master’s program• Seniors begin practicum experience in SIUE’sSpeech-Language-Hearing Center.
  15. 15. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Psychology• Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science available• Psychologists study the human mind and human behavior.Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate majors atSIUE and across the country.• Three graduate programs of study available:• Clinical-Adult• Clinical Child and School• Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  16. 16. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Health Education• Bachelor of Science, no teacher licensure• Prepares students for the testing required in order to becomeCertified Health Education Specialists (CHES).• Graduates may work in a variety of community health careers.• Provides an excellent foundation for Master of Public Health ornursing programs.
  17. 17. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Exercise Science• Bachelor of Science, no teacher licensure• Graduates may work in a variety of professional settings:• Community recreational agencies• Health-related clinics and hospitals• Corporate and sport industries• Provides an excellent foundation for graduate school in:• Occupational therapy• Physical therapy• Other fields related to exercise science
  18. 18. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Student OrganizationsGetting involved in student organizationsenriches your professional development.Many choices, depending on your interests and goals.Kimmel Leadership CenterSIUE Student Organizations
  19. 19. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Student OrganizationsAssociation for School and Community Careers(ASCC)ASCC provides a connection to students exploring the differentopportunities in the School of Education by offering:• Career information• Social activities• Involvement in student life• Promotion of diversity educationFind us on Facebook to learn of events during the school
  20. 20. School of EducationSpringboard 2013What makes the School of Educationunique?Students have many opportunities to blend classroom knowledgewith hands-on experiences in a variety of settings.Faculty are well-versed in advanced research and innovativepractices.Professional Advisors work closely with students from applying tothe education program to completing licensure requirements.
  21. 21. School of EducationSpringboard 2013ScholarshipsCollege ZoneSchool of Education Scholarship OpportunitiesSIUE Scholarship Opportunities
  22. 22. School of EducationSpringboard 2013And now,a word from our students …
  23. 23. School of EducationSpringboard 2013Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleSchool of Education, Student ServicesEdwardsville, IL 62026Founders Hall 1110Phone: (618) 650-3940Fax: (618) 650-5468Email: