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Advising 101


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Advising 101

  1. 1. Advising 101:An Introduction of Advising1220 Student Success
  2. 2. Academic AdvisingEnriching KnowledgeEngaging ThoughtEncouraging GrowthEmpowering
  3. 3. What is Advising?Advising is a shared process between the studentand the advisor.The advisor will inform, guide, refer and educatethe student.The student is expected to prepare, discuss,question, follow through and learn.Advising is
  4. 4. Tools for AdvisingComprehensive Education Plan(Advising Portfolio) Questions to Consider Career Considerations Information on the requiredMAP – My Academic Plan General EducationInformation Four Year Plan Campus Resources CougarNet DirectionsCurriculum Guides Suggested course of study Detailed major information andadvising notes Declaration and applicationinformationUniversity Catalog Academic Policies Major, Minor and GeneralEducation Information Course
  5. 5. The Lincoln Program (LP2)SIUE’sGeneral Education
  6. 6. Foundation CoursesStudents are required to take:English 101English 102Speech 101 or Speech 103Reasoning and Argumentation 101Quantitative Reasoning 101 or Math 125 orMath
  7. 7. Breadth CoursesEach student will take courses across six breadthareas including:Breadth Life Science (BLS)Breadth Physical Science (BPS)Breadth Social Science (BSS)Breadth Humanities (BHUM)Breadth Fine and Performing Arts (BFPA)Breadth Information and Communication inSociety (BICS)
  8. 8. Experience CoursesStudents are required to meet the followingexperiences through other general educationcoursework or approved University experiences.New Freshman SeminarHealth ExperienceGlobal CulturesUnited States CulturesLab
  9. 9. BA/BS Distinction AreaBachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Intellectual Areas –Each require eight courses:BA will require two semesters of a language and six additionalcourses in Fine and Performing Arts and Humanities.BS will require eight courses in Social, Physical and Lifesciences, two of which must include a lab experience.(Breadth and applicable experience classes will count in thesedistinction areas as well!)
  10. 10. The Advising ProcessSpringboardFall 2013 & Future
  11. 11. Advising Process:Tomorrow and in Future SessionsTomorrow – Advising for firstsemester (fall ’13)• Advisor will provide a new studentinformation sheet with courserecommendations.• Advising will be in a group setting• Advisor will review dual credit,COMPASS placement test results,courses and requirements.• Student will register in the lab viaCougarNet (our online registrationsystem)Future Advising Sessions(for spring ’14 and beyond)• Students make their own appointmentonline.• Student will have reviewedComprehensive Education plan(advising portfolio).• Student brings curriculum guide andcompleted MAP.• Advisor reviews MAP, helps student tounderstand curriculum, connects withresources on campus and encouragesthe student to reflect on currentsemester, plan for next semester andlook forward to future
  12. 12. Day Two – Springboard Group Sessions• Academic Programs Overview – Learn moreabout your program of interest• Advising 102: The Process of Advising – Meetwith your individual advisors to get yourpersonalized course
  13. 13. Recommendations to Expect TomorrowAcademic Development Courses (if required) – Based onCOMPASS placement test results and/or ACT scores. AD work isa University requirement and a prerequisite for futureFoundations and Breadth courses. You have the option to retakethe placement test if you desire.Prerequisites for your Program of InterestGeneral Education Classes – Foundations, Breadth, andExperience CoursesMajor and Minor
  14. 14. FERPADifference between high school and collegeRole of FERPA in Advising ProcessStudent ResponsibilitiesWhat Advisors Can
  15. 15. Welcome students and guests -enjoy your experience atSpringboard!