Blogger agreement form_template


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Standard blogger agreement form template for use with social media campaigns.

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Blogger agreement form_template

  1. 1. Page  1  of  7 [[CLIENT]  Letterhead]       [Date]       [Blogger  Name]   [Name:  First  &  Last]   [Address:  Street,  City,  State  &  Zip]       Dear  [        ]:     This  letter,  when  signed  by  you  and  by  [CLIENT]  (“[CLIENT]”  or  “us”)  and  Rockfish  Interactive   Corporation  (“Rockfish”  or  “us”),  will  constitute  a  valid  and  binding  agreement  between  you  and  us  with   respect  to  your  participation  in  the  [CLIENT]  Blogging  Program  (“Program”)  as  a  “[CLIENT]  Blogger.”    You   agree  that  your  participation  in  the  Program  is  subject  to  the  following  terms  and  conditions:   1. Blogger  Activities.   A. As  a  [CLIENT]  Blogger,  you  may  participate  in  activities  approved  by  us,  including,   without  limitation,  creating  blogs  and  videos,  tweeting,  conducting  interviews,   participating  on  television  and  radio  shows,  creating  content  for  [CLIENT]  websites,   attending  conferences,  and  other  travel  (collectively,  “[CLIENT]  Blogger  Activities”.)   B. You  agree  that  your  participation  in  any  [CLIENT]  Blogger  Activities  will  be  in  accordance   with  our  reasonable  instructions  and  requests.    Your  participation  as  a  [CLIENT]  Blogger   is  voluntary.    You  are  not  required  at  anytime  to  participate  in  [CLIENT]  Blogger   Activities,  to  blog,  or  to  discuss  us,  or  our  brands,  products,  initiatives,  events,  or  other   programs  related  to  [CLIENT].   C. You  agree  that  any  content  you  create  in  connection  with  the  Program  (“Content”)  will   comply  with  the  guidelines  in  the  attached  Exhibit  A.   D. You  agree  that  your  blogs  and  Content  will  clearly  and  conspicuously  disclose  your   relationship  with  [CLIENT]  and  any  products  and  compensation  you  receive  from  us  in   connection  with  the  Program,  including,  without  limitation,  travel  and  expenses.    If  we   provide  you  with  a  product  to  review,  you  will  clearly  and  conspicuously  disclose  that   we  provided  the  product  to  you  in  your  communication  (blog  posting,  tweet,  etc.)  about   the  product.    You  may  keep  or  dispose  of  the  products  we  provide  to  you  at  your   discretion.  
  2. 2. Page  2  of  7 2. Term  and  Termination.    This  Agreement  will  begin  on  ___________________  and  will  terminate   on  _________________________.    Early  termination  may  occur  at  the  sole  discretion  of   [CLIENT]  and  shall  occur  upon  any  breach  of  this  agreement.    However,  our  rights  under   Paragraph  6  of  this  Agreement  (Grant  of  Rights)  will  survive  termination.   -­‐or-­‐     This  Agreement  will  begin  on  the  date  written  above  and  will  continue  for   ____________________  (#)  days  or  until  terminated  by  you  or  us  at  any  time  for  any  reason  by   providing  written  notice  as  set  forth  herein.    However,  our  rights  under  Paragraph  6  of  this   Agreement  (Grant  of  Rights)  will  survive  termination.   3. Professional  Conduct.    You  agree  that  when  participating  in  [CLIENT]  Blogger  Activities  or   presenting  yourself  to  the  public  as  a  [CLIENT]  Blogger,  you  will  at  all  times  conduct  yourself  in  a   professional  manner  that  is  consistent  with  our  image.   4. Association.    You  agree  not  to  reference  your  relationship  with  us,  or  your  participation  in  the   Program  as  a  [CLIENT]  Blogger,  in  connection  with  any  political  activities,  social  causes,  or   commercial  activities  in  which  [CLIENT]  is  not  associated,  without  our  prior  written  consent.   5. Compensation.    [To  be  detailed  based  on  Program  requirements]   EXAMPLE:  You  agree  that  the  sole  compensation  for  your  participation  in  the  Program  will  be  the   opportunity  to  participate  in  the  Program.    However,  we  may  choose,  in  our  sole  discretion,  to  provide   you  with  additional  compensation  for  your  services  as  a  [CLIENT]  Blogger,  including,  without  limitation,   travel,  expenses,  and  products.   6. Grant  of  Rights.   A. You  hereby  grant  us,  our  parents,  subsidiaries,  agents,  licensees,  successors,  and  assigns   the  right  to  use  and  exhibit  worldwide:    (i)  your  name,  likeness,  voice,  signature,  and   image,  (ii)  the  URL,  links,  and  screenshots  from  your  Program-­‐related  blogs,  videos,  and   websites,  and  (iii)  the  Content  in  connection  with  the  Program,  including,  without   limitation,  in  advertising  and  promotional  materials,  in  any  media,  including,  without   limitation,  Internet  and  in-­‐store  television.   B. You  also  hereby  grant  us,  our  parents,  subsidiaries,  agents,  licensees,  successors,  and   assigns  the  right  to  publicize  your  association  with  us  and  our  products  and  services,  and   the  right  to  include  on  our  websites  a  link  to  your  Program-­‐related  blogs  or  websites,  or   other  Content.    In  the  event  of  termination,  we  agree  to  remove  all  of  your  Content   from  our  websites.   C. You  agree  that  no  advertisement  or  other  material  need  to  be  submitted  to  you  for  any   further  approval.   7. Interviews  and  Confidentiality.    You  agree  not  to  authorize  or  release  advertising  or  publicity   materials,  or  give  interviews  which  make  reference  to  the  details  of  your  engagement  under  this   Agreement,  without  our  prior  written  approval,  although  during  interviews  you  may  respond,   discuss,  and  comment  in  a  favorable,  positive,  and  non-­‐disparaging  manner  that  you  are  
  3. 3. Page  3  of  7 associated  with  us.    You  further  agree  not  to  divulge  the  substance  of  this  Agreement  or  any  of   our  marketing  plans,  strategies,  results  or  other  confidential  information  (“Confidential   Information”)  divulged  to  you  or  learned  by  you  from  any  source  whatsoever  without  our  prior   written  consent,  unless  and  until  such  Confidential  Information  has  generally  become  available   to  the  public  from  sources  other  than  you.    Upon  termination  of  this  Agreement,  you  agree  not   to  discuss  or  make  reference  to  the  specific  details  of  the  termination  and  will  limit  your   comments  as  to  the  termination,  if  any,  to  the  fact  that  the  relationship  ended  and  the  effective   date  of  the  termination.   8. Representations.    You  represent  and  warrant  that:  (i)  you  have  the  full  right  and  power  to  enter   into  and  fully  perform  this  Agreement  in  accordance  with  its  terms;  (ii)  the  execution,  delivery,   and  performance  of  this  Agreement  will  not  violate  the  rights  of  any  third  party  or  violate  the   provisions  of  any  agreement  to  which  you  are  a  party;  (iii)  you  own  and  operate  the  blogs  and   websites  on  which  you  create  and  post  Content;  (iv)  your  blogs  and  Content  shall  be  wholly   original  with  you  and  not  copied  in  whole  or  in  part  from  any  other  work  except  materials  in  the   public  domain  or  supplied  to  you  by  [CLIENT],  (v)  neither  the  blogs  and  Content  nor  the  use   thereof  infringes  upon  or  violates  any  right  of  privacy  or  publicity  of,  or  constitutes  libel,  slander   or  any  unfair  competition  against,  or  infringes  upon  or  violates  the  copyright,  trademark  rights   or  other  intellectual  property  rights  of  any  person  or  entity,  and  (vi)  your  engagement  by  us   under  this  Agreement  and  your  participation  in  the  Program  will  not  subject  either  you  or  us  to   the  collective  bargaining  agreements  of  the  Screen  Actors  Guild  or  the  American  Federation  of   Television  and  Radio  Artists.   9. Ownership  of  Materials,  Trademarks,  Copyrights   A. You  acknowledge  that  you  have  no  right,  title,  or  interest,  and  agree  that  you  will  not   claim  any,  in  or  to  any  materials  produced  under  this  Agreement  or  in  connection  with   the  Program,  or  in  or  to  any  of  our  trademarks,  service  marks,  trade  names,  or   copyrights.   B. We  hereby  grant  to  you  a  limited,  non-­‐exclusive,  non-­‐transferable,  non-­‐assignable,   royalty-­‐free  license  to  use  the  [CLIENT]  name,  the  Program  name,  the  Program  logo,  and   the  Program  badge  in  connection  with  your  participation  in  the  Program.   10. Indemnification  and  Release.       A. You  will  at  all  times  indemnify,  defend,  and  hold  harmless  us  and  our  directors,  officers,   employees,  licensees,  agents,  licensees,  successors,  and  assigns  (“Covered  Parties”)   from  and  against  any  and  all  third  party  claims,  damages,  liabilities,  or  expenses,   including  reasonable  attorneys’  fees,  arising  out  of  any  breach  by  you  of  any  warranty  or   agreement  made  by  you  in  this  Agreement,  in  the  performance  of  your  obligations   under  this  Agreement,  or  arising  out  of  any  acts  committed  by  you  which  were  not   authorized  by  us.    If  we  seek  indemnification,  you  agree  to  give  us  the  right  to   participate  in  the  defense  and  settlement  of  any  such  claim;  provided,  however,  that   you  may  not,  without  our  prior  written  approval,  settle  or  dispose  of  any  claim  of  which   you  have  agreed  to  accept  the  defense.   B. You  and  your  heirs,  executors,  administrators,  employers,  agents,  representatives,   insurers,  and  attorneys  agree  to  release  and  discharge  the  Covered  Parties  from  any  and  
  4. 4. Page  4  of  7 all  claims  arising  out  of  or  related  to  your  participation  in  the  Program,  including  without   limitation,  any  liability  for  any  accident,  illness,  injury,  loss,  or  damage  to  personal   property.    You  acknowledge  and  agree  that  the  Covered  Parties  assume  no   responsibility  for  any  liability,  damage,  or  injury  that  may  be  caused  by  your  negligent  or   intentional  acts  or  omissions  committed  prior  to,  during,  or  after  your  participation  in   the  Program,  or  for  any  liability,  damage,  or  injury  caused  by  the  intentional  or  negligent   acts  or  omissions  of  others,  including  other  participants  in  the  Program.   11. Miscellaneous.   A. Nothing  in  this  Release  will  constitute  any  obligation  on  us  to  make  any  use  of  any  of  the   materials  or  rights  provided  in  this  Agreement.       B. All  notices  to  be  given  under  this  Agreement  will  be  in  writing  and  will  be  delivered  via   email  to  [Rockfish  contact’s  email],  personally  or  sent  by  overnight  courier  to  the  party   to  be  notified,  at  the  address  written  above.    Notices  sent  to  us  should  be  addressed  to   the  attention  of:  [Rockfish  contact’s  name  and  address].    All  notices  will  be  effective   upon  receipt.   C. Nothing  in  this  Agreement  is  intended  to  create,  nor  will  anything  in  this  Agreement  be   construed  or  interpreted  as  creating,  an  employee,  agency,  a  partnership,  a  joint   venture,  or  any  other  relationship  between  us,  except  as  expressly  stated  in  this   Agreement.   D. You  acknowledge  that  the  rendering  of  services  hereunder  will  not  entitle  you  to   employee  benefits  as  our  employee  with  respect  to  workers  compensation,  disability   benefits,  health,  medical  or  life  insurance  programs,  pension,  profit  sharing  or  other   employee-­‐benefit  plans  or  programs  maintained  by  us.   E. This  Agreement  may  be  amended  or  modified  only  by  a  writing  signed  by  both  you  and   us.   F. This  Agreement  and  the  Exhibits  hereto  contain  the  full  and  complete  understanding  of   the  parties  as  to  the  subject  contained  herein  and  supersede  any  and  all  prior  written  or   oral  agreements  or  understandings  between  the  parties  hereto.    In  the  event  of  any   conflict  between  the  terms  of  this  Agreement  and  the  terms  of  any  other  documents  or   correspondence,  the  terms  of  this  Agreement  shall  prevail.    This  Agreement  may  not  be   modified  except  by  a  subsequent  writing  executed  by  you,  [CLIENT],  and  Rockfish,  which   expressly  states  that  it  is  a  modification  of  this  Agreement.   G. You  may  not  assign  your  rights  or  delegate  your  obligations  under  this  Agreement   without  our  prior  written  consent.   H. The  failure  of  either  party  at  any  time  or  times  to  demand  strict  performance  by  the   other  of  any  of  the  terms,  covenants  or  conditions  in  this  Agreement  will  not  be   construed  as  a  continuing  waiver  or  relinquishment  thereof  and  each  may  at  any  time   demand  strict  and  complete  performance  by  the  other  of  said  terms,  covenants  and   conditions.  
  5. 5. Page  5  of  7 I. This  Agreement  will  be  construed  and  governed  according  to  the  laws  of  the  State  of   Arkansas  and  jurisdiction  and  venue  of  all  matters  relating  to  this  Agreement  will  be   vested  exclusively  in  the  federal,  state,  and  local  courts  within  the  State  of  Arkansas.   J. Any  term  of  this  Agreement  which  by  its  nature  extends  beyond  expiration  or   termination  of  the  Agreement  will  remain  in  effect  until  fulfilled  and  will  apply  to  the   parties’  respective  successors  and  assigns.   K. In  the  event  any  provision  of  this  Agreement  is  determined  to  be  invalid  by  a  court  of   competent  jurisdiction,  such  determination  shall  in  no  way  affect  the  validity  or   enforceability  of  any  other  provision  herein.   Please  confirm  your  agreement  to  the  foregoing  by  signing  in  the  place  indicated  below.   Very  truly  yours,   [CLIENT]   By:   ________________     [Name]     ________________   ACCEPTED  AND  AGREED:             [Title]           Signature         [Insert  Blogger’s  Name]           [Insert  Address]            
  6. 6. Page  6  of  7   EXHIBIT  A     Blogger  Content  Guidelines     1. Any  content  you  create  in  connection  with  the  Bloggers  Program  (“Content”)  must  reflect  your   honest  opinions,  findings,  beliefs,  or  experiences  with  Company  and  any  products  mentioned  in   the  Content,  and  may  not  contain  any  statements  or  representations  about  Company  that  are   not  true  or  are  deceptive.    If  your  opinions,  findings,  or  experiences  mentioned  in  the  Content   change,   you   are   responsible   for   updating   the   Content   or,   if   that’s   not   possible,   for   promptly   informing  Company  of  such  change.   2. Do  not  impersonate  another  person  or  pretend  you  are  someone  else  when  posting  Content.     You  should  identify  yourself  in  all  of  your  posts.   3. Content   must   comply   with   the   Federal   Trade   Commission’s   Guides   Concerning   Use   of   Endorsements  and  Testimonials  in  Advertising  and  industry  best  practices.   4. Content   must   be   your   own   original   work,   created   solely   by   you,   and   must   not   infringe   the   copyright,  trademark,  privacy,  publicity,  or  other  personal  or  proprietary  rights  of  any  person  or   entity.     5. If  any  persons  appear  or  are  referred  to  in  the  Content,  you  are  solely  responsible  for  obtaining   from   such   persons,   prior   to   posting   or   making   Content   publicly   available,   the   signed   release   attached  as  Exhibit  B  from  those  persons,  which  permits  Company  the  right  to  exhibit  and  use   the  Content,  including,  but  not  limited  to,  the  right  to  make  screenshots,  animations  and  video   clips  available  to  the  public  for  advertising,  promotional,  and  publicity  purposes.    If  any  persons   appearing   in   any   Content   is   under   the   age   of   majority   in   their   state,   country,   or   province   of   residence,  the  signature  of  a  parent  or  legal  guardian  is  required  on  each  release.       6. Content  that  is  lewd,  obscene,  sexually  explicit,  pornographic,  disparaging,  defamatory,  libelous,   or  obscene,  or  that  otherwise  contains  inappropriate  content  or  objectionable  material,  may  not   be  posted  or  made  publicly  available  and  Company  may,  in  its  sole  and  unfettered  discretion   remove  such  Content,  if  applicable,  or  require  that  you  remove  such  Content.   7. Content   must   not   contain   any   personally   identifiable   information   (such   as   license   plate   numbers,  personal  names,  e-­‐mail  addresses,  or  street  addresses)  of  any  person  other  than  you.     Should   you   include   personally   identifiable   information   about   yourself   in   the   Content,   you   acknowledge  and  agree  that  such  information  will  be  disclosed  publicly  and  that  you  are  solely   responsible  for  any  consequences  thereof.   8. Content   must   not   contain   trademarks   or   other   registered   marks   owned   by   others   without   written  permission.   9. Content  must  not  defame,  misrepresent,  or  contain  disparaging  remarks  about  other  people,   companies,  or  products.   10. Content  must  not  violate  any  law.  
  7. 7. Page  7  of  7 EXHIBIT  B     Content  Participant  Release     In  exchange  for  valuable  consideration,  receipt  of  which  is  hereby  acknowledged,  I  hereby  agree   as  follows:   1. I,   the   undersigned,   understand   that   by   appearing   in   the   Content   made   by   ___________________________   (the   “Content”),   I   hereby   give   and   grant   to   _____________________________   (“Company”)   and   its   parents,   subsidiaries,   and   affiliates   and   their   respective  licensees,  successors,  and  assigns  (collectively  “Licensed  Parties”)  the  right  to  exhibit  and  use   my  name  and/or  likeness,  including,  but  not  limited  to,  the  right  to  make  screenshots,  animations,  and   video  clips  available  to  the  public  for  advertising,  promotional,  and  publicity  purposes  in  any  medium,   including,   but   not   limited   to,   on   the   Internet,   in-­‐store   television,   and   any   other   form   of   advertising,   without  additional  compensation,  and  without  limitation  and  in  perpetuity.       2. I   agree   that   no   advertisement   or   other   material   need   be   submitted   to   me   for   any   further   approval.     3. Nothing  in  this  Release  will  constitute  any  obligation  on  the  Licensed  Parties  to  make  any  use  of   any  of  the  rights  stated  within.     Name:     Address:     City,  State,  Zip:     Phone  #     Signature:     Date:     Signature   of   Parent   or   Guardian,  if  minor