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[Induction online] sessão 4 @xp e gle


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Published in: Education, Technology
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[Induction online] sessão 4 @xp e gle

  1. 1. AIESEC Experience | Global Learning Environment
  2. 4. 1. Take an active role in your learning and the learning of others
  3. 5. 2. Challenge your worldview
  4. 6. 3. Metacognition and Personal Self-reflection
  5. 7. 4. Increase theoretical and practical knowledge
  6. 8. 5. Create network of contacts
  7. 11. Individual Discovery and Reflection T Team Experiences Learning Circles Virtual Spaces; forums, blogs and resource sharing Mentoring Conferences and Seminars
  8. 12. Individual Discovery and Reflection “ Our lives are spent in understanding ourselves ”
  9. 13. Team Experiences “ Learning by Doing” T
  10. 14. Learning Circles Share a common interest in gaining experience, knowledge and networks in a common sector or topic .
  11. 15. Conferences and Seminars AIESEC holds over 350 national & international conferences every year!
  12. 16. Mentoring Relationship that helps mentees to find their path to personal development .
  13. 17. Virtual Spaces Our virtual spaces also play the key role of tying together the entire learning environment.