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How to get from Idea to innovation - Startup Leadership Program


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Ever wondered why it is so important to clearly identify the problem behind any idea? This is the first mistake first-time entrepreneurs make. Identify the problem a startup intends to solve, make sure it has a big enough customer market, then iterate through to problem-solution fit. This was a talk given to the Startup Leadership Program in Melbourne, Australia in 2013

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How to get from Idea to innovation - Startup Leadership Program

  1. 1. Idea to Innovation @dougaled
  2. 2. ? GOT IDEAS @dougaled
  3. 3. An idea is nothing more nor less than a new combination of old elements - James Webb Young @dougaled
  4. 4. What is ideation anyway? @dougaled
  5. 5. Jargon? “It depends…” @dougaled
  6. 6. PMs & Tech @dougaled
  7. 7. The Design Thinkers “RADICAL” design alternatives @dougaled @dougaled
  8. 8. The Design Thinkers “RADICAL” design alternatives @dougaled @dougaled
  9. 9. Everyone else… Idewhat?? @dougaled @dougaled
  10. 10. Ideation Techniques Brainstorming (alone/together) Borrowing Logical level Up Brainwriting ForceFit (intense peace) Poetry Bizarro world @dougaled
  11. 11. Brainstorming & groupthink People can be overly concerned about how their ideas will be perceived. Most ideas never leave the thinker s mind because of this internal editing. @dougaled
  12. 12. An exercise in brainwriting. @dougaled
  13. 13. 2 minutes Write your name & A problem you want to solve Pass it on @dougaled
  14. 14. How might we… Use parts of this problem for good? Separate the problem from the experience? Make it the opposite of the problem? Challenge the assumption of the problem? Change the status quo that @dougaled
  15. 15. The BIG idea Take a moment to get a little bit of background “WHY?” Think of a BIG idea that may (or may not) be an answer to this problem. DOESN’T MATTER (or does it?) Pass it on @dougaled
  16. 16. Develop the idea Read the problem and the BIG idea. Look for a connection. Ask yourself “WHY?” Develop idea in a way you think might work. Pass it on @dougaled
  17. 17. Conclude the idea Read the problem and the ideas. Look for a connection. Ask yourself “WHY?” Develop idea in a way you think might work. Pass it on @dougaled
  18. 18. Ideation is… @dougaled
  19. 19. the process of bringing ideas to life @dougaled
  20. 20. Ask yourself some questions… Do you think you are solving a problem? Do you know whose problem you re solving? Do you know what problem you’re solving? How do you know? Have you talked to people? …Has your idea changed as a result? @dougaled
  21. 21. “We always look at an issue or problem through our own lens. Our expertise, experiences and bias leads us to our own unique solution.” - Someone @dougaled
  22. 22. The journey of an idea Confusion, Chaos Validation [Time & Money] YAY! @dougaled Minimum Viable Product Traction Woooohoooooo!
  23. 23. @dougaled
  24. 24. If I had an hour to solve a problem I‘d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions. - Albert Einstein (but… we have the luxury of failing) @dougaled
  25. 25. No problem?! AARGHH! HELP! PROTOTYPE IDEA!! @dougaled IDEA?
  26. 26. Lean Startup LEARN DATA IDEAS BUILD MEASURE CODE @dougaled @dougaled / @getviable
  27. 27. Customer Development @dougaled @dougaled / @getviable
  28. 28. Business Model Canvas @dougaled @dougaled / @getviable
  29. 29. “Human centered” innovtion don t accept the problem as given - Probe - Prototype - Collaborate Ask WHY…. And, above all, ACT @dougaled
  30. 30. @dougaled
  31. 31. “It s only when you open yourself up to the absurd that you find true creativity” - Someone Else @dougaled
  32. 32. I d like my crayons back, please. @dougaled @dougaled / @getviable
  33. 33. Where is ideation? ideation Chaos @dougaled Validation MVP Traction
  34. 34. In closing Time to get practical… @dougaled
  35. 35. @dougaled
  36. 36. Idea Articulation I am developing (a defined offering) to help (a target audience) to (solve a problem) with (secret sauce) . @dougaled
  37. 37. 7 Rules of an Idea 1.  Simple ideas win 2.  Simple original ideas win twice 3.  Single revenue stream 4.  Name your customer 5.  Easy to explain 6.  BIG market 7.  Legitimate secret sauce @dougaled
  38. 38. The idea itself 1.  Must be specific 2.  Avoid buzzwords 3.  Avoid adjectives @dougaled
  39. 39. Testing your idea 1.  Share your idea – feedback rocks 2.  Ideas don’t matter – execution does 3.  Nobody is going to steal your idea 4.  NDAs are becoming obsolete in tech @dougaled
  40. 40. Questions? Dougal Edwards 0422 522 339 /in/dougaledwards @dougaled