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This was the deck used as part of a talk at the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) summit in December 2013. It gave me the chance to play a little with a story of Amazon's approach to innovation. As you'll see in the slides, the solutions are facts, while the adversaries are conjecture on my part.

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  1. 1. and Service Innovation @dougaled
  2. 2. We bring startup innovation into the enterprise to find better solutions for your bigger problems. We use scientific methods to find the right challenges, choose the best ideas and create the innovative products or services that improve people’s lives. @dougaled
  3. 3. Service Innovation When service changes disrupt traditional channels to market, business processes and models, to significantly enhance customer experience in a way that impacts the whole value chain. @dougaled
  4. 4. vs. the Bookstore @dougaled
  5. 5. vs. Wall Street @dougaled
  6. 6. vs. the Music Store @dougaled
  7. 7. vs. the Shopping Mall @dougaled
  8. 8. vs. the e-tailers @dougaled
  9. 9. vs. the Institution @dougaled
  10. 10. vs. the Server @dougaled
  11. 11. vs. the Postal Service @dougaled
  12. 12. vs. the Video Store @dougaled
  13. 13. vs. the Digital Rights @dougaled
  14. 14. vs. the Book @dougaled
  15. 15. vs. the Internet @dougaled
  16. 16. vs. the Publisher @dougaled
  17. 17. vs. Hollywood @dougaled
  18. 18. vs. Amazon @dougaled
  19. 19. vs. the Fulfilment Hou @dougaled
  20. 20. vs. the Press? @dougaled
  21. 21. vs. the Logistics Co. @dougaled
  22. 22. vs. Profits Wall Street’s journey for the last 15 years: $70bn Revenue… No profit in sight. @dougaled
  23. 23. Thank you… Dougal Edwards @dougaled @dougaled